Application Uses of Artificial Intelligence

If you think that Artificial Intelligence will be reserved for flicks, then you need to know that AI has already hit the market and is set to transform the way industries function. Broadly speaking, AI is all about making machines intelligent so that they can interpret the human commands and work on the tasks without manual intervention. Classified into two types—Weak AI and General AI, the former one deal with the single application that has the capability to deal with single command while the latter gives a rosy picture to those who dream of humanoid robots. Saudi Arabia’s citizen & humanoid robot, Sophia is a classic example of the same.

Frankly speaking, enterprises are still in the stages of embracing Weak AI. Siri, Cortana etc., are examples of Narrow AI. General AI, which is little expensive, is likely to phase into our lives in less than a decade. Let us briefly understand how Artificial Intelligence is used in different industries. In fact, Business Insider’s recent survey predicts that at least 85% of customer interactions would be carried out without human intervention.


Do you know that manual chatbots are things of past? Apps built on AI technology will eliminate the manual response to your queries. Based on the query keyword, multiple options would be made available to choose from initially before providing the final solution. This would even reduce the buffering time, and unwanted expenses for companies.


Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly a disruptive technology that’s already showing its strength in the eCommerce industry. Based on the user’s purchase history, the app will predict what the users are likely to purchase and pull up similar results.


Many apps based on AI are transforming the healthcare industry. While some apps are providing medical consultancy based on the previous medical history, some are acting as virtual nurses and reminding patients of the medication timings. On the other hand, robots are used for scanning and X-Rays that complete the task swiftly. According to a study by Accenture, 93% of healthcare professionals said that artificial intelligence & machine learning helped them achieve better results while 51% of them said that it reduced the expenses.


If you would have gotten the chance to visit the recently concluded RSA conference, Artificial Intelligence’s role in cyber-security is a familiar topic for you. Based on machine learning, the security systems would guard against the malware attacks. According to a study by P & S Market Research, companies are switching to AI based cyber-security as the traditional systems are unable to detect threat most of the times and respond to such threats in a slow-paced manner if detected. The study even suggested that global AI worth in cyber-security would soar by 36% by 2023.


AI is undoubtedly a game changer as these technologies are leveraged for seamless business operations across all fields. Techwave is offering cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies. Email us at for more information.