SAP Managed Services – Picking The Perfect Partner

Managing cost, time, and effort to support the SAP Landscape is a critical challenge for any business. When choosing a suitable Managed Service Provider (MSP), a company must consider how a services integrator can help manage complex SAP landscapes cost-effectively and at the same time advise on new roadmaps while helping the organization move towards

R2R Fears

Allay Your R2R Fears

Across the entire Record-To-Report (R2R) cycle, businesses face the extremely labor-intensive and risk-prone process of completing a close cycle within specific timelines and that too in an error-free manner. However, with automation available to improve process efficiency and effectiveness, the benefits of the R2R solution are immediate and demonstrable. For long, Excel spreadsheets, despite inherent

Propelling RPA Beyond The Routine

Propelling RPA Beyond The Routine

Though organizations tend to deliver end-to-end automation beyond RPA by combining complementary technologies to augment business processes, there is a lack of guidance to assemble RPA with other tools. This hinders end-to-end process automation, causing these organizations to miss out on strategic business values. Robotic Process Automation or RPA may provide quick relief as a

Cosmos IoT – Scale-Up Frugally

Cosmos IoT – Scaleup Frugally

Beyond proofs of concept, CIOs and CEOs want to see evidence of hard returns on investment for how IoT improves business processes, optimizes operations, enhances workforce productivity, increases revenue, and drives customer loyalty in a quantifiable manner. For extended, the Internet of Things (IoT) benefits have not gone beyond hypotheticals and potential opportunities. However, in


GIS – A Game Changer For Telecom Providers

GIS can be used to great success in the telecommunications industry, including designing and applying efficient infrastructure to power 5G. Throughout the stages of development, GIS makes each step easier Every part of a telecom’s business involves location. All the vital information and key data points, including customer information, network ownership, weather forecasts, and competitor


Cloud Analytics Migration: Go With The Need

The Cloud offers access to new analytics capabilities, tools, and ecosystems that can be harnessed quickly to test, pilot, and roll out new offerings. However, despite compelling imperatives, businesses are concerned as they move their analytics to the Cloud. Organizations are looking at service providers who can help them allocate resources and integrate business processes



With the advent of COVID and the subsequent global trade upheavals, supply chain organizations have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform their operations. Companies that don’t prepare for future supply chain disruptions risk being disrupted and left behind by their competition. Supply chain was always vital, but more often than not, it was considered a low-profile

Count On Us For Your P2P Automation Strategy

Count On Us For Your P2P Automation Strategy

The critical imperative of re-thinking your existing Process-To-Pay (P2P) process is to move away from the siloed business functions. Many facets of the conventional Procure-to-Pay cycle is plagued with bottlenecks such as complex workflows, manual operations, and delays. The strategic shift to the next phase of transformation will help organizations identify inefficient spend practices and


EPM- Weave Your Business Seamlessly

At a high level, one needs to bring together technology and product portfolios with the people and ecosystem partners necessary to increase business performance and minimize risk.  A flexible Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution can and provide the best value for your stakeholders. Businesses are looking at automating their processes like never before. Efficient month