Blockchain and AI: The advantages of merging the technologies

Blockchain is one of the most in-demand technology as it enables companies to construct reliable and trustworthy data storage that can be accessed across the globe. It allows decentralization of data storage which means that rather than one distinctive database, data can be stored across a distributed network of nodes.


Artificial Intelligence can recognize the possible threats that the organization faces in the form of malware exploitation and downloading of dangerous codes. Thus, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) together, can create a transparent work environment in organizations, increase their data security and efficiently share the data.


AI is used in banking, retail, healthcare, and pretty much every industry. It is also used in gaming and social media networks. Thus, it is omnipresent and touches us in one form or another.


Data acquired via AI (Big Data) informs entities (businesses, services, etc.) about customers’ personal preferences, which in turn impacts the quality of experience, service, or product. Big Data is about datasets that are either too big or too complex and cannot be managed by the traditional data-processing software. And organizations must be careful with this data as it may contain hugely sensitive data like Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and the like, that must not be disclosed.

There is only one logical solution to this – the implementation of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology allows users of AI to make transactions anonymously, which means less specific information about the user is collected for Big Data purposes. Blockchain technology also helps in data transportation through encryption. The merger of AI and Blockchain technology results in the following advantages:

1.Improving Security & Creating Trust

Despite being an advanced technology AI has not been able to create a sense of trust amongst the consumers. People feel that the data collected with the help of technologies like the Internet of things (IoT) is vulnerable to hackers which is a matter of great concern. However, by integrating AI and blockchain technology the information is encrypted and becomes more secure.

2.Better Decision-Making

Artificial Intelligence is a complex technology that considers a lot of variables and assesses those variables before making a decision. AI is used in various decisive areas like – financial decisions (e.g., identifying fraud), retail decisions (e.g., what product to sell), or healthcare decisions (e.g., what treatment is best). At times the business processes and operations are delayed as the “decision” was not communicated and incorporated at the right time in the desired manner. Due to this, employees might have difficulty interpreting the decision which might lead to incurring losses. In other words, the inability to make timely decisions and understand them can render the decisions obsolete and outcomes inefficient.


Given that, decision-making and implementation form the core of any business, Blockchain technology can be incorporated to record how decisions are made and also used for their fruitful execution.

3.Improved Efficiency in Business Operations

With the implementation of blockchain and AI technologies, business enterprises can expect a steady and sharp rise in the overall efficiency of their operations along with a higher Return on Investments (ROI). How?


Computerized processes make our job easier only if we input the right instructions, thus, requiring manual processes. Blockchain technology is also known for its high server consumption, even if it’s a very secure way of conducting business. So what’s the solution?


A smart technology that is efficient and facilitates automation. This is possible with the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is smart technology, and Blockchain. The resultant benefits outperform the benefits if either technology is leveraged exclusively.

Combining Blockchain and AI

Industry insiders believe that merging AI and Blockchain technology would help in the betterment and growth of any organization. To achieve organizational goals in an efficient and better manner, learning blockchain technology must become a part of the corporate hard skills.


Many industries stand to benefit from the merger of blockchain and AI technologies like the financial security firms, food supply chains, and organizations that deal in healthcare record sharing. Another benefit of integrating AI and blockchain is that through Artificial Intelligence the organization can mine and manage huge datasets while Blockchain technology can remove bugs and identify discrepant datasets.


It is believed that AI technology can be utilized for the better development of any organization. The merger of blockchain and AI can create a systematic decision-making model that is nearly impossible to defeat and gives better decision-making capacity. Such a model can prove beneficial to various types of organizations like:

Supply Chain Industry

The merger of blockchain technology and AI is enabling the supply chain industry to scale up its operations by providing digital solutions and seamless sharing of data. Simply put, this merger can facilitate faster and smoother transactions.

Healthcare Industry

Over the years, Blockchain technology has provided immense support to the Healthcare industry. And in the light of the pandemic, this support grew many folds as Blockchain technology helped in creating electronic health records (EHR) that were easily accessed by health professionals. It has proved beneficial in procuring prescription medications and vaccines. AI, on the other hand, helped in determining how the treatment of a patient needs to be designed.


Both AI and blockchain technology can be combined and incorporated into organizations’ systems to get effective results that include:

  • Better Business Models
  • Better Financial Planning
  • Unambiguous Management
  • Digitized Intellectual Property Rights
  • Better Predictive Analysis

Blockchain Technology and Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning can be utilized to improve the existing blockchain technology by creating a better-distributed ledger of the blockchain. Organizations can grow substantially if both blockchain technology and machine learning are integrated. Some of the benefits of this merger are:

1.Improved Productivity

Machine Learning can be utilized to improve the existing blockchain technology by creating a better-distributed ledger of the blockchain. Organizations can grow substantially if both blockchain technology and machine learning are integrated. Some of the benefits of this merger are:

2.Better Data Monitoring and Supervision

The primary concern of any organization is the safety and security of the data and resources. By implementing an integrated Machine Learning and Blockchain technology model, the firms can have effective monitoring and surveillance systems that would ensure data safety. In such models, Blockchain technology is utilized to overlook the uninterrupted flow of data, and Machine Learning can be used for analyzing the data.

3.Improved Data Handling and Validation

Organizations involved in data trading can use Blockchain and Machine Learning to have a better service model. Machine learning can be utilized to create a system wherein data encryption and data validation are done effectively.


In the current business scenarios, the integration of blockchain technology and AI is the most sought-after technology. It can help the organization improve and grow effectively. Businesses must spend adequate time and effort in learning blockchain technologies and understanding the uses of blockchain technology. This is the only way going forward to sustain in the ever-evolving and competitive market.