Boost your Business Operations with SAP Applications Management Services


Businesses must plan, design, and run SAP applications around the clock. SAP AMS Services keep an eye on and maintain these essential enterprise applications to assure availability and integrity. Because of these constraints, the IT teams find it challenging to efficiently manage their SAP systems. This is when you need to consider the benefits of partnering with a managed service provider.

What does the term “managed service provider” mean?

A managed service provider (MSP) delivers services such as application, network, infrastructure, and security through ongoing maintenance and administration on the customer’s premises or at the MSP’s data center (hosting).

So, what are managed services for applications (AMS)?

The primary aim of Application Managed Service is to adhere to best practices. These proven practices facilitate the strategies and the roadmap to operate the application successfully.

The whole idea of investing in any application or upgrade is to bring forth the best functionalities while also managing any add-ons related to the ERP.

The Two Primary Services of Application Managed Services

Application managed services are classified as Proactive or Reactive.

Reactive Services:

Conventionally, this is what we take into account when providing support. Consider the example of incident management as a reactive process.

The answers to questions like –
How do I execute this? How quickly will my problem be resolved? What about service level agreements (SLAs) or service request response times? What if my integration fails?

All these are reactive services incorporated into your apps throughout their feeding.

Proactive Services:

Here, it’s about strategically looking into the future and anticipating events – things like change management or release. It must be noted that change management may necessitate new capabilities and consequent modifications.

Governance and the agreement with the application service provider that regulates all activities, are the other components of proactive services. When you engage in application managed services, you negotiate the services you require with the managed service provider.

As a result, your agreement must traverse a great deal of territory. They may include – What are the bases you wish to touch upon? Do you need all the available safeguards to protect the data you possess? How does it manifest itself?

Furthermore, you may have to inevitably touch upon terrains like system administration and application performance. When it comes to performance queries, it could be related to your code, changes, or the configuration of your integrations. Thus, complicating the system even more.

So, what is the solution to this challenge?
When faced with a performance issue, the first port of call is the application. Frequently, the solution is found in the application, not in the infrastructure or hardware, but the Cloud. This calls for advanced application management services.

Is SAP AMS the perfect solution to application management-related challenges?

A business must design, implement, and drive business and mission-critical SAP systems 24/7. The IT departments may find it overwhelming to administer and monitor a range of SAP services simultaneously.

These challenges could range from a shortage of internal IT staff availability to a lack of SAP technical and functional skills required to fulfill changing business requirements, geographic coverage to scale the business needs, and the organization’s increasing agility demands.

Businesses engage SAP AMS services to free up time to focus on core business activities while delegating complicated IT applications to experts. These services help with proactive monitoring and maintenance of the health of mission-critical SAP applications, thus, maintaining their integrity and ensuring their availability.

As per an IDG Global poll, 95% of respondents believe their existing SAP AMS solutions fulfill their business requirements. Also, 97% of IT leaders concur on the fact that the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, calling for greater adoption of SAP AMS solutions. Thus, emphasizing SAP AMS investments is critical for their SAP strategy.

What’s notable is that:

  • 80% of tech leaders have seen a push in the demand for innovations that require constant upgrades and management of SAP solutions, pointing toward the need to leverage SAP AMS support services.
  • And 85 % of companies are either using or considering leveraging third-party help to optimize their SAP AMS expenditures.

Why Techwave’s SAP AMS?

To ensure the success of SAP application management services and support, it is vital to engage with a skilled SAP-managed partner. Techwave is an SAP Gold Partner, allowing us to offer tried-and-tested SAP application support methods backed by a dedicated SAP Center of Excellence staffed by over 500 SAP experts.

Techwave’s four AMS pillars – governance, process structure, innovation, and reliability are at the helm of our managed support system directed towards client engagement. We leverage advanced methods and our long-lasting relationship with SAP to ensure that your SAP support experience is positive.

We offer a unique blend of business plan expertise and SAP technical and functional skills via a reliable and scalable, on-site and off-site resource and delivery approach. Techwave’s SAP AMS solution supports customers in accomplishing their business objectives within defined budget limits.

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