Buzz About Quantum Computing—Technology of the Century?

When Charles Babbage first introduced the concept of a digital computer more than a century ago, it sounded Greek and Latin to the technology followers. And we witnessed how mechanical computers dominated the World War era and slowly popped-up different generations of computers. The supercomputers are by and large one of the supreme systems that the world has ever seen. And today, there’s a lot of buzz about Quantum Computing. We would say that this is exactly in the stages of when Mr. Babbage unveiled the concept of a computer.

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing is a concept that many big names in the industry are planning to leverage and roll out that’s said to transform the way things function in the modern day.

Quantum Computing Vs Classic Computer: The latter has a bit (binary digit) as the smallest unit, which must be either 0 or 1. Quantum computer would have qubits (quantum bits) which can store unimaginable information. When the smallest unit itself can record so much information, the power of multiple qubits (which make the quantum computers) is unimaginable. It can accurately predict the climate and perform the work of ten computers or more, on an average if we go by what experts are mentioning. Quantum Computing can apparently solve some of the world’s toughest problems within minutes.

The technology of Century? Yes, Quantum Computing is emerging as the technology of century with Google announcing that it would be aiming at Quantum dominance by the end of 2018. Reportedly, Intel rolled out 49-qubit processor—‘Tangle Lake.’ Intel said that it’s a milestone as it would simulate the processes and improve techniques. The company views it as a first step to achieving complete cloud computing.  Even Microsoft swung into the action and already introduced Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, and prepared Q#, a special language for the development of Quantum Computing. According to the information on its website, Quantum Computing would perform tasks in brisk speed, which classic computers take eons. IBM has introduced IBMQ where its Quantum processors are made available for the experts to connect to it and explore the algorithms to build a final Quantum Computing.

Conclusion: Top Technology Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Google are currently investing more in developing quantum processors, which alone don’t make Quantum Computing. To make this concept come to reality, more quantum software and algorithms should come to force. With all major corporations and venture capitalists focusing on rolling out Quantum Computer, we are sure that it’s going to be the technology of the century. Techwave, the leading end-to-end software solutions company, is also keen in helping companies that are working towards delivering the first Quantum Computer. For more information, please email us at