Can cloud and data centers work in synergy?

A common question that many people have is whether data centers will begin to disappear as the public cloud continues to grow and expand. Current trends indicate that both data centers and the cloud are growing to maintain pace with the flourishing economy. However, many experts believe that getting cloud and data centers to work well together could be a challenge. Here is some information about whether cloud and data centers could work efficiently in synergy. 


The biggest problem with synergy between cloud and data centers is at the data level. Databases are decoupled and there is no universal source of truth that data centers and the cloud can refer to. In many cases, businesses are using the most up-to-date technology for the cloud and older technology for data centers. Usually, this means that businesses need to modernize their databases for the legacy end, which can be very pricey and difficult. A business will need to get the same types of database for both ends and middleware links to eliminate the demarcation between data in the data center and the data in the cloud. Unfortunately, the only alternative is dealing with the inefficiency of a mismatch in infrastructure. 

Common Security 

Common security is also difficult when it comes to the synergy of data centers and the cloud. However, this is becoming increasingly easy to do. Common security requires the adoption of a technology and a security approach that can span both on-premises and public cloud systems

Usually, there needs to be a common directory between the cloud and the data center. There needs to be a move to a security system that is more sophisticated in terms of access management and identity. This, of course, involves risk and money, but it must be done. 

Process Integration 

Another factor to consider is how to make share processing for applications possible between the public cloud and the data center. In general, this involves determining how applications can run across various platforms. 

Containers are a solution that should be considered. However, it is essential to have a good understanding of how to bind processes to n both sides to form applications that span the cloud and data centers. 

Synergy between data centers and the cloud is a hot topic that is not expected to die down any time soon. For more information about this synergy, don’t hesitate to contact us.