Machine Learning Use Cases in Finance

The era of localized banking with manual paper transactions would remind the earlier generation about the time and physical pain of record keeping meted out from the banking system. The long queues, the token systems, necessity of physical presence etc. even for transactions such as depositing or withdrawing a few currency notes must have taken

Top Guide to Self-Service Business Intelligence

The success of an organization largely depends on the way it leverages business intelligence. BI is a binding thread to the transformation of enterprises by providing analyzed data as information to key decision makers. Given that all enterprises can’t have adequate business analysts in handling the BI, a new concept self-service BI developed somewhere around

Evolution of Machine Learning

“Hey Siri, wake me up at 6 AM,” – did you ever give such instructions to your iPhone? Do you know how Google maps are helping you in the navigation? All the commands that we today provide to our IoT work on the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. ML, as it’s widely referred to as,

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Decades ago when Steven Spielberg released his movie AI (Artificial Intelligence), little did he know that this word would cleave through the walls of his fantasy world and enter the real world to assume a rock-solid position. Stuff in the movies apart, what exactly is Artificial Intelligence, and how it’s going to make a difference