Reframing Business Evolution in the Cloud: A Wish or A Necessity?

Cloud technology has created opportunities to reach new markets and customers and reframe business evolution. As per Gartner, by 2025, over 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms. So companies are constantly reinventing themselves to stay ahead of the curve. But what if we don’t adopt the cloud in business? Cloud

How does SAP Analytics Cloud Drive Desired Business Outcomes?

Here is why every CFO and CIO needs SAP Analytics Cloud Did you know that despite rampant digitalization, many organizations still largely rely on spreadsheets to perform high-level financial planning and analysis? This dissonance leads to a situation wherein an organization’s internal processes haven’t quite kept pace with its external modernizations. Concerns like inconsistent data

How to resolve the cloud migration dilemma with VMware investment?

Traditionally, the software has been used to simulate hardware functions and create a virtual computer system where all the resources can be consistently managed across multiple operating systems and applications in a single device, like a physical server. This is a cloud operations model where the user can create a seamlessly automated data center. VMware

Making the Journey: 7 Essential Steps to Cloud Adoption

Step 1 – Build a Cloud Roadmap:  One of the main issues organisations face when moving to the cloud is prioritising applications for migration. There are multiple approaches to take here, for example: You can identify your low business impact applications first, followed by medium business impact and high business impact applications, or You can

Why do top CTOs prefer SAP Managed Service Providers (MSPs)?

Though it often sounds excruciating, change is inevitable, and some changes are necessary. The pandemic profoundly affected many aspects of our lives, business being a major casualty. One of the biggest exposures because of the pandemic is how interconnected the business economy is and how it has expedited digital transformation worth a decade in a

Migrating SAP workloads on AWS: A blessing for CTOs and CIOs

Migrating SAP workloads on AWS: A blessing for CTOs and CIOs

The impulse of digitalizing your business has now become a matter of ‘how’ rather than ‘when’. Running a modern business in the digital era can be quite challenging, with ruthless market competition that requires constant upgrades to stay ahead of the game. The onus of Digital Transformations is majorly on the CTOs and CIOs Large