How can SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) benefit your organization?

How can SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) benefit your organization? Techwave has the inimitable ability to accelerate your business’s journey towards an intelligent enterprise by connecting people, data, and ideas. By streamlining end-to-end workflows with a single cloud solution, we can help your business unearth deep insights and facilitate effective enterprise planning and rapid and confident

Making the Journey: 7 Essential Steps to Cloud Adoption

Many organisations have adopted cloud technologies. Many have done so bit by bit, addressing their specific needs as they come up. Often, organisations have chosen their cloud services without their IT departments adequately consulting them. Without a unified strategy for cloud adoption, many don’t have visibility into or control over their cloud computing resources, which

Why do top CTOs prefer SAP Managed Service Providers (MSPs)?

Though it often sounds excruciating, change is inevitable, and some changes are necessary. The pandemic profoundly affected many aspects of our lives, business being a major casualty. One of the biggest exposures because of the pandemic is how interconnected the business economy is and how it has expedited digital transformation worth a decade in a

Migrating SAP workloads on AWS: A blessing for CTOs and CIOs

Migrating SAP workloads on AWS: A blessing for CTOs and CIOs

The impulse of digitalizing your business has now become a matter of ‘how’ rather than ‘when’. Running a modern business in the digital era can be quite challenging, with ruthless market competition that requires constant upgrades to stay ahead of the game. The onus of Digital Transformations is majorly on the CTOs and CIOs Large

How Cloud Services Modernize ERP

How Cloud Services Modernize ERP

Have you ever wondered why it is essential to modernize ERPs? Notice the amount of data that you interact with on a daily basis. Now imagine the vast amounts of data that a business relies upon. Times are changing, and processes are increasingly data-driven. Unfortunately, traditional ERPs are not enough to keep up with the

Techwave partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We are very proud to share with our customers that Techwave has achieved AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status.  This differentiated accreditation for AWS Partners means Techwave is now recognized as having: Demonstrated significant investments in AWS practices Extensive experience in deploying customer solutions on AWS Provided value-added transformation work to AWS customers Best in class

Distributed Computing

Problem Statement Many batch processing systems available today are commercial systems that use proprietary technology (hardware / software) for performing the tasks. Those with Mainframe systems were quite prevalent. Such systems do have complex monitoring and control software. But these are relatively inflexible, tightly coupled with other, associated software and/or hardware, thus limiting scalability to