Buzz About Quantum Computing—Technology of the Century?

When Charles Babbage first introduced the concept of a digital computer more than a century ago, it sounded Greek and Latin to the technology followers. And we witnessed how mechanical computers dominated the World War era and slowly popped-up different generations of computers. The supercomputers are by and large one of the supreme systems that

Integration Cloud—Key Factors in DX

Exactly in 2011 when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone hit the theatres, the wand in Harry’s hand had become the topic of the town, for it had the potential to do wonders in real-time. And perhaps entrepreneurs are apparently the first ones in the queue who longed for such thing in their dreams until

Pushing Cloud to the Edge. Is edge computing replacing cloud computing?

The efficacy of the cloud computing is apparently the most debated topic in the Information Technology (IT) landscape. Carving out a special place in the hearts of entrepreneurs and elasticizing the boundaries of an enterprise’s capabilities, cloud computing is often being hailed by all those who embraced it, especially in the recent past. Digital transformation

Invasive Tech on Rise: Governments Focus on Regulatory Frameworks

Even as GDPR insisting enterprises to comply with privacy laws, except in EU, data privacy is a thing of past. Invasive technology shot to limelight, which’s now putting certain governments and associations on tenterhooks for implementing more stringent security and regulatory frameworks. The news of invasive technology surely comes in as a rude shock to

Challenges in Cloud Migration

Cloud Computing is redesigning the way industries function across the globe. At least 70% of US companies are making use of this cutting-edge technology, according to IDG’s recent survey. However, few companies are still apprehensive about moving to the cloud and are caught in the clutches of a dilemma given the challenges in cloud migration.

Big Data in the Cloud, Big Data All Around

76% of decision-makers surveyed foresee significant changes in the domain of storage systems because of the “Big Data” phenomenon. Big Data is making a big impact everywhere, whether it’s retail, healthcare, or governmental organizations. Everyone can produce data and you won’t believe just how much. By 2020 the new information generated per second for every