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Distributing computing

Distributed Computing

Problem Statement Many batch processing systems available today are commercial systems that use proprietary technology (hardware / software) for performing the tasks. Those with Mainframe systems were quite ...

Sky Rocketing Cloud Costs Here are 5 Ways to Cut Costs-Blog

Sky Rocketing Cloud Costs? Here are 5 Ways to Cut Costs

With the emergence of cloud computing, many companies are embracing cloud computing to cut the unwanted costs due to the legacy IT infrastructure.  However, many companies are shelling out more than extra when ...

Buzz About Quantum

Buzz About Quantum Computing—Technology of the Century?

When Charles Babbage first introduced the concept of a digital computer more than a century ago, it sounded Greek and Latin to the technology followers. And we witnessed how mechanical computers dominated the W...

Integration Cloud

Integration Cloud—Key Factors in DX

Exactly in 2011 when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone hit the theatres, the wand in Harry’s hand had become the topic of the town, for it had the potential to do wonders in real-time. And perhaps entrep...

Pushing Cloud to the Edge Is edge computing replacing cloud computing

Pushing Cloud to the Edge. Is edge computing replacing cloud computing?

The efficacy of the cloud computing is apparently the most debated topic in the Information Technology (IT) landscape. Carving out a special place in the hearts of entrepreneurs and elasticizing the boundaries ...