White Paper: The Definitive Guide to Migrate SAP Environment to AWS Cloud

Ensure Smooth Transition of Migrating your SAP Environment to AWS Cloud

SAP modernizations are under enormous pressure, hence moving SAP environments to the public cloud like Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a smart choice. And AWS has multiple options like extensive customization, automation, and third-party support for SAP applications.

As AWS provides hassle-free options of migrating SAP workloads, many CIOs, CTOs, VPs of Infrastructure, and other IT leaders look for a solution that increases agility, reduce costs, and delivers transformational business value. Having worked with many clients on SAP migration to AWS, cloud, we follow best practices that ensure a smooth transition of SAP migration to AWS.

About This White Paper:

This whitepaper intends to provide a comprehensive outline for businesses exploring the possibility of SAP migration to AWS cloud and those at the stage of finalizing the “cloudification” decisions.

You will find a complete overview of key strategies required for a successful SAP migration to AWS Cloud.

  • Why do most customers prefer to run their SAP workloads on AWS?
  • Most extensive services to innovate with SAP
  • How to reliably reduce SAP costs?
  • A secure environment to protect SAP data
  • Running SAP HANA on AWS
  • Techwave's CloudXoom Program For AWS Migration
  • Benefits of Migrating SAP Workloads to AWS with Techwave

To learn more about the key strategies of SAP Migration to AWS, download the whitepaper now!

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