Congrats on Your New (Digital) Twin!

Digital twins represent a significant leap forward when it comes to assessing the capabilities of your latest project. They can be modeled after any technological structure. It could be a new data center you’re looking to roll out or the implementation of a more responsive customer service platform. What are digital twins, exactly, and what does your company gain by investing in this technology?

Digital Twins Explained

Digital twins are a cost-effective way of virtually modeling any process, service, or project you’re constructing. They bridge the gap between your digital and physical systems, allowing you to run any tests needed and gain insight into the viability of what you’ve built. You can find and fix problems before rolling them out into a production environment.

They consist of smart components with sensors that gather data from the physical implementation of your project. Those components connect to a cloud-based system set up to receive data. That system processes the information and compares it to other business and contextual data.

Advantages of Digital Twins

Here’s how you can benefit from using digital twin technology to explore the capabilities of your latest project before releasing it to consumers.

  1. Better Customer Experience — Using a digital twin to explore how customers might react to different capabilities in your latest project allows you to make modifications when the feedback isn’t what you expect. That reduces the chances of you presenting users with a new product that receives lots of negative commentaries, hurting the perception of your IT department’s competence.  
  2. Better Predictability – It’s essential for today’s technology to adapt to our rapidly changing digital environment. You don’t want to build something that will quickly be rendered obsolete. Digital twins allow you to test the usability of your project under different circumstances and in anticipation of future changes.
  3. Better Cost Management – By catching problems before they migrate out to users, you’re reducing the costs associated with trying to go back and implement repairs after your project’s gone live. You can use that money to invest in other IT priorities.

Explore Using Digital Twins in Your Company

Techwave uses cutting-edge technology and reliability to take their client’s IT infrastructure in new directions. They have the experience and knowledge to build digital twins uniquely suited to environments like life sciences, logistics, telecoms, or retail.  

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