Empowering Communities

to Build a Sustainable Future


With the goal to trailblaze the future generation, we have set up very clear and pragmatic corporate social responsibility goals. Our major focus also lies in fulfilling our commitment towards the society, and we do this by empowering success for the community, at large.

We dedicate our heart and soul towards ensuring that we not just put in place ambitious CSR goals but take every step necessary to transcend goals into impactful action on the ground.

In the coming decade, we aim to create a clean, sustainable, productive, healthy, equitable, and empowered future for all. Our CSR team works in active collaboration with people and organisations that are making the world a better place.

Damodar Gummadapu

Co-founder & Chairman

We believe in empowering and growing with our communities. The process includes caring, maintaining and building a sustainable future for everyone around us. To create and sustain, we have decided that Techwave will have zero usage of single-use plastic in the next 2 years. Let’s proceed towards a healthy future one step at a time.

Our Focus areas

Techwave is working towards creating an equitable educational future. We seek to establish a dependable technology oriented educational system for all those in need. We have also collaborated with Government High School at Nellore, India to aid and support the children with the means and to enable them kick start their journey towards learning through technology. 

Numerous emerging nations till date continue to struggle with hunger. To tackle this, Techwave has started collaborating with organisations that work towards procuring raw materials and providing healthy and nutritious meals to all those in need. Some of our recent programmes are – Seed to Table, Houston & Victoria Food Bank, Kids Meals, Feed the frontline, Friends of Refugees and FareShare. 

Techwave has collaborated with NGOs to pinpoint critical community needs and support smart initiatives to have the highest possible effect. Additionally, we have organised as well as contributed to COVID-19 relief funds and formed alliances that enabled us to deliver hundreds of supplies to the those on the front line or in need. Some of our major global CSR health programmes include – Movember, Heart and Health, Australia Red Cross Life Blood, Local Love in Global Crisis and Whitathon. 

As part of our commitment to care for the elderly and the underprivileged, we have ensured to run global programmes to provide basic utility support and safety measures for them. Some of the major Safety & Support initiatives include – Houston Habitat for Humanity, Employee Assistance programs, and Bush Fire relief fund. We have also collaborated with NGOs in India to provide for and donate funds for the care of the elderly. 

Techwave has taken several initiatives in recent years to promote a culture of awareness about both health and fitness as well as organise sports and other events to boost wellness for the same. Some of the programmes that have immensely helped in building wellness for our employees are Steptember, Yoga Workshops, Pinkathon: to build awareness on Cancer, and the Inner Hour Happiness Programme for promoting mental health and wellbeing. 

Techwave ensures that adequate actions are being taken at ground level to tackle the problem of climate change and other environmental hazards. We have not just collaborated with organisations to provide relief and clean drinking water to people who are facing the consequences of climate change, but we have also set up definite goals w.r.t cutting down our carbon footprint, volunteering goals and much more. 


Snowy Mountains


Celebrating the 8th International Yoga Day, Techwave, a leading global IT and engineering solutions provider, organized a virtual health and wellness program for its employees. Across the globe, the yoga session was led by Mr. Rajasekhar Gummadapu, Co-founder and CEO and Mr. Damodar Gummadapu, Chairman and supervised by the trained instructor.

Snowy Mountains


We might be on our tedious quest to finish work, achieve goals, and discover or invent better solutions, but all that may lag until you can manage to strike a perfect health-work-life balance.72% of people say that while looking for a job, work-balance is something consider.

Snowy Mountains


Techwave stands as a towering example of how empowering all the stakeholders of the organization methodically leads to success. We believe, a customer-centric organization cannot be built on tech-driven pursuits or problem-solving tools alone.

We Ignite Opportunity Through Innovation and Expertise to Deliver Real Results.