Creating an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP

The intelligent enterprise was made for users to be able to use their data sets at a much faster rate for positive outcomes with the least amount of risk. Becoming an intelligent enterprise is an important step to take when considering your business goals. Your business goals should comprise of promptly responding to every customer need, maximizing talent engagement, and creating business models that can be changed constantly. SAP knows how to provide the desired outcome for your organizational needs.

SAP’s 3 Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

  1. Intelligent Suite:
  • Customer Experience: Know your customers on a deeper level, predict and dynamically meet their needs.
  • *88% of internet users and shoppers say they regularly participate in researching products online before purchasing in a physical store.
  • People Engagement: Your workplace matters more than you may think. Improve your connection and engagement with employees. Pull in the best talent and provide development for maximum efficiency.
  • 32% less employee turnover with company-wide visibility of workforce availability and gaps.
  • 20% more revenue per a worker for firms that can analyze workforce data to optimize strategies.
  • Digital Core: An intelligent ERP system will allow you to reach maximum levels of productivity, and create insight opportunities to maximize resources and operational speed.
  • 75% faster business processes, 3 times faster closing processes, and 7 times the reduction in database size.
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Reign in a vastly receptive digital supply chain for cutting-edge, customer-focused manufacturing. Control predictive processes, keen automation, and have complete visibility across your network.
  • 65% automation of purchase order line items.
  • 75% reduction in purchase order processing time.
  • Network & Spend Management: Keep your travel, expense, and invoice management simple. Source, purchase and pay on the largest global business network. Collaborate for and with the entire workforce – for better visibility, employee enablement, cost management, and risk decreases.
  • 100% increase in revenue since the launch of SAP S/4HANA Finance.
  1. Intelligent Technologies
  • Open Innovation: Experiment with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data, IoT, analytics, and blockchain for a business revolution.
  • Embedded Intelligence: Applications implanted with intelligent technologies are part of SAP’s standard concept – it’s not necessary to buy additional solutions or services.
  • Industry Innovation Kits: Revolutionize quickly and more with digital innovation kits and services – all driven by SAP’s design thinking practice, experts, and technology toolbox.
  • Holistic Integration: Have a computerized, directed method to integration. Integrate your SAP and non-SAP cloud environments and technologies, extend with open APIs, and more in an effortless manner
  1. Digital Platform
  • Data Management: Power applications, data warehousing, and analytics with an industry-centric in-memory database –provide arrangement and meta data management across diverse sources.
  • Cloud Platform: Use an open cloud platform to construct or outspread applications with the latest technologies – and reveal the value of your data to a wider network of developers through APIs.

SAP has you covered with a comprehensive systematic process. Its attention to organization, control, and implementation will have your business running with new profits and agile productivity within a quick time frame.