Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) – AMAZON WORKSPACES

Desktop as a service (DaaS), also called hosted desktop services, is a form of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in which the infrastructure is outsourced and deployed by a third party.

Though Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Citrix are the top four DaaS providers in the market today, factors such as pricing, the number of apps offered, integrations, operating system compatibility and customer support leads us to pick Amazon Workspaces as a preferred provider for DaaS. 

Let’s see why?


You can have the first WorkSpace up and running in a matter of minutes. You need no hardware, storage or networking and it’s easy to connect WorkSpaces to your existing directory. We bet on it as the best small business virtual desktop provider because it offers the best features and support for startups and small businesses of all the desktop solutions – at an affordable price. 


You can add WorkSpaces in other regions of the world with a few clicks of a mouse. WorkSpaces is accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, and from a wide range of devices. From PC to tablet, Chromebooks, even a modern web browser…WorkSpaces is built with mobility and global reach in mind. Provisioning servers, networking, storage, etc. suddenly become Amazon’s responsibility. This desktop provider offers several important services, including the Amazon Web Services Security Hub and Application Manager.


Amazon Workspace delivers bundled services with hourly and monthly billing options, and you can pay on the go. You are charged based on the bundle type and the number of workspaces launched. There are no upfront fees or commitments, and you can cancel your service at any time. 


Amazon WorkSpaces offers several bundle options based on region, root and user volume, number of CPUs, memory capacity, and BYOL (bring your own license). Amazon WorkSpaces provides numerous features that can benefit your workforce and employees, such as application integrations, streaming protocols, BYOL options and the AWS Security Hub. 


WorkSpaces offers the Amazon security team who are managing the core infrastructure that you’re accessing. Whatever compliance issues you need to address are delivered straight out of the box. All communications between users and WorkSpaces are encrypted. With WorkSpaces you’re not giving your users administrative rights’, which negates that issue almost entirely. And, just like VDI, your secure data never leaves the data center.

Amazon WorkSpaces provides 24/7 access to customer service by phone, email and live chat. Its website also offers user guides, API references, whitepapers and support forums. Depending on your AWS support plan, you can gain access to trusted advisors, cloud support engineers and Amazon’s personal health dashboard. 


When it comes to performance, WorkSpaces finally checks all the boxes, including multiple hi-res displays, fluid video and audio playback, and crazy low latency for accessing your cloud-hosted applications. Every user gets their own server hardware (no sharing!) and if there is a subset of users who need more horsepower, you can easily configure give them more RAM, CPU, and GPU resources to make them happy.


Just a few weeks and so much has changed. Old ways of living, working, meeting, greeting, and communicating are gone for a while. Friendly handshakes and warm hugs are not healthy or socially acceptable now. With people in many cities and countries now being asked to work from home, Amazon Workspaces can help to make the transition from the office to the home just a bit easier.

Empower Your Resources To Work From Home With Free AWS WorkSpaces