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EMI Collaborative Supply Chain For The Pharmaceutical Industry

EMI Collaborative supply chain improves production efficiencies, increase profits, and deliver better results for your Supply Chain Network.

Extended Supply Chain Execution Coodination

Optimizing the Extended Supply Chain for Superior Performance

For the Pharmaceutical Industry where processes and materials are spread across a global network of plants and partners, complexity is the norm.

To meet product specifications and rigorous compliance regulations while operating at peak efficiency, you need real-time collaboration of supply chain events the drive production and products as they progress across the extended supply chain network.

The Techwave EMI Cloud Solutions for the Collaborative Supply Chain connects local, regional and global operations for a real-time view across the supply chain. Proven, Innovative and Leading Edge

Core EMI Advantages

  • Purpose Built By Pharmaceutical Industry Member Participation and Supply Chain SME Expertise to create business value for Pharmaceutical Industry Supply Chain and CMO End User Process
  • Solution Concept and Framework Design was a joint collaboration between SAP Industry Leadership and Techwave
  • Expanded Functionality versus standard SAP Supply Chain Solution functionality
  • Focused on Future Technical Direction of SAP Using S4 Hana foundation
  • Lower Cost of Ownership versus alternative SAP solutions

Build a More Intelligent End to End Supply Chain Network

Transform data from edge devices, legacy systems, and new technologies into the actionable insights for more strategic decision-making, new efficiencies, and higher levels of service.

  • RESPONSIVE – Real-time product visibility for a superior supply chain performance.
  • AGILE – Smart integration for the insight you need to move quickly in a rapidly changing
  • INNOVATIVE – The right solutions to embed intelligence across your supply chain for faster, more predictable
  • SECURE – A secure, private cloud to manage access and encourage better collaboration.

Manage Supply Chain Complexity

Delivering products to unique demand and product specifications means managing complexity:

  • Event Visibility & Coordination
  • Supply Network Engagement
  • Product Status & Availability
  • Actionable Data Insights & Measurable Results

Techwave EMI Cloud Solutions For The Collaborative Supply Chain

Techwave EMI is a Cloud Solution to achieve a Collaborative Intelligent Supply Chain Network which connects local, regional, and global operations for a real-time view across the supply chain. Transforming data from any connected supply chain partner edge devices, mobile, and IOT technologies into actionable insights for more effective decision-making, new levels of efficiencies, and higher levels of supply chain performance

Source, Process, Analyze and Update

Techwave EMI is a Cloud Based Solution that combines tools, applications and components delivered on a common platform to support real-time localized action and connectivity providing a common, single view, to all participants.

  • Source –  collect data from all edge sources for a complete picture of activities in the extended supply
  • Process – apply business rules and workflows and provide necessary alerts.
  • Analyze –  compile information and show in a meaningful way.
  • Update –  connect SAP or any ERP and enterprise support systems, multi-tier locations and partners into one accurate

Collaborative Supply Chain Event Management

Get Your Supply Chain Under Control
In a world dominated by lean inventory practices, volatile demand, and a growing focus on risk mitigation, organizations are seeking better ways to understand, and control, how actions and products move across the extended supply chain.

Techwave Supply Chain Event Management tracks the movement of products and status at any point in the supply chain. With our cloud-based solution, you can exchange data with partners and suppliers in real time for complete end-to-end visibility.

Deliver end-to-end insight:

  • Automated status and visibility across your multi-partner ecosystem to ensure regulatory compliance, improve safety, and build a more sustainable
  • Leverage the cloud to exchange data about products and impact issues in real-time to improve speed, scalability, and
  • Actionable analytics to ensure issues in production do not become


Prevent Problems Before They Arise

Managing the extended supply chain is a collaborative endeavor. Efforts to improve supply chain performance must involve changes to the ways that organizations share information, consider problems and opportunities, reach decisions, and carry out actions they agree on.

  • Techwave Analytics raise the level of understanding of what happens in manufacturing operations. Companies can solve previously impenetrable problems and reveal those that they never knew
  • Supports consistent improvement of operational excellence in service, cost, agility and inventory levels.
  • Problems can be anticipated and Analytical tools make it possible to compile information and show how activities and decisions in one part of the supply chain influence operations elsewhere.

Collaborative Partner Connectivity

Deliver a Seamless Partner Network

Your business model depends on your partner network to meet your market demands. For your partners to deliver great customer experiences, they need to align seamlessly with your priorities, standards, and processes. But without the insight you need to respond quickly to shifting demands, you and your partners can miss the mark, and those mistakes can be costly.

Techwave provides Intelligent Partner Connectivity that leverages the cloud to connect partners with timely access to the information they need to deliver to the highest standards. With real-time visibility and integration, partners can work better to manage demand, communicate consistently, and collaborate more effectively.

Build a more robust partner network:

  • Maintain common enterprise standards with up-to-minute production monitoring, consistent serialization data, and more uniform product availability status.
  • Support real-time supply chain decision by eliminating time
  • Source trustworthy data directly from partners for better
  • Make decisions based on complete data and not fragmented or outdated


Track at any level

Organizations adopt serialized data for many reasons: to comply with industry regulations, to control counterfeiting and theft, to manage returns and recalls more efficiently, and to gain strategic insight into the extended supply chain.

With Techwave EMI Supply Chain Solution, you can incorporate serialization at any level and connect that data across your supplier ecosystem from the enterprise to the edge integrating EPCIS providers and other regulatory and business systems for seamless and secure data exchange.

Intelligent Product Management

Transform Your Product Line of Sight Strategy

In process product visibility is getting smarter. The smartest “labels” can improve how fast, how accurately, and how reliably your products move across the extended supply chain. With embedded intelligence, labels now come in many forms – QR codes, RFID tags and visual identification, they can help organizations speed delivery, control inventory, meet rigorous compliance standards, and monitor and analyze performance across the supply chain.

Techwave EMI Product Status Management delivers next-generation capabilities to your enterprise and its extended supplier network. You can transform your line of sight strategy by putting the power of product status and production execution visibility into the hands of your suppliers and still retain governance and control. The result? Streamlined processes, decreased time-to-market, consistent label usage.

Product management for the intelligent supply chain:

  • Centralize product status visibility.
  • Deliver Portal based data insight capabilities to partners through the
  • Monitor and report on performance and compliance through integrated
  • Deliver the right information to the right parties and verify information accuracy.

Data Collection

Comprehensive Data Collection 

Techwave Data Collection organizes transactions, status and activities at the execution level and provides real-time, bi-directional data capture with secure hand-off to internal systems.

You get the answers you need to know about what’s happening with your product and where it is in the supply chain at any time, inside your walls or other third-party partners. Solving issues in real-time while keeping the complete extended supply network in sync.

Techwave supports all modes of data collection; system to system integration, portal based entry, barcode, RFID, vision systems, IOT devices and mobile with the ability to direct the data collected to multiple systems for a scan once/multi-system update process in real-time. 24 x 7 operations are addressed with transactional and data integrity maintaining localized order information permitting transacting when enterprise systems are unavailable updating ERP, and any other identified systems, when connectivity is restored.

Why Techwave?

For more than 15 years, we’ve been helping organizations like yours build more agile and responsive supply chains to improve efficiencies, increase profits, and deliver better experiences—for your employees, your partners, and your customers.

What makes us different? We provide the solutions you need for a real-time view of supply chain execution—connecting legacy systems, partner networks, and assets on the edge for better insight and smarter forecasting.