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Get The Right Partner For AWS Migration

The business impact of digital transformation (DX) on enterprise organizations is substantial. Businesses with DX initiatives have recorded a more than two percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue and three percent CAGR in profitability because they have embraced digital technologies. 

But moving to the digital world is a multi-layered process.  It requires organizations to restructure themselves and, in the process, prioritize the activities that will enable faster transformation — and achieve more significant revenue growth.  

Restructuring requires organizations to reduce overlapping or uncoordinated applications, paving the way for more integrated applications. Organizations identify the systems that need to be retained, replaced, retired, or rebuilt through the restructuring process. 

Legacy ERP systems or back-office systems represent substantial assets to the business because they are the business’ backbone. Finance, procurement, and inventory, and asset management remain at the center of ERP. Additional functions include human capital management (HCM), manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and distribution around a full ERP platform. These backbone systems are quickly advancing in the digital economy to become the digital core for enterprises. 

However, moving from a legacy ERP system can be daunting because of the many nuances that need to be understood and addressed before the actual migration. Legacy ERP systems have typically been heavily customized, have massive data sets, and are integrated into other systems. 

When organizations start to think about modernizing ERP, they are investing in the future. Modernization may require external assistance and certainly a more thoughtful approach to transformation, strategy, and implementation. 

Deployment models must be considered, along with the move itself. One must ascertain structural requirements and recognize whether a system conversion or a new implementation or a combination of both is needed. Clients must also take data migration and business process mapping into account.  

Migrating from one or multiple ERP systems to a new system requires many steps that, if not done correctly, can result in a failed ERP implementation. The right services and technology migration model enable a streamlined, fast, and efficient performance. As mentioned, migration to a new ERP system is not easy. The entire process can take months or even years. Selecting the right approach and type of migration is a crucial decision point. Companies that want to transform their businesses digitally must thoroughly understand the processes, which often require an external solutions provider.

Top Attributes Desired of External Services Partners

  • I have been there done that with the company before. 
  • Excellent cultural fit with your resources (people) 
  • In-depth expertise to handle IT issues 
  • Able to act as a ‘Catalyst’ between our IT department and our business units 
  • Has strong digital transformation skills 
  • Can clearly show the RoI benefits for specific business objectives 
  • Out-of-the-box ideator who can improve our business leveraging IT 
  • Has expertise in consulting capabilities in addition to IT services skills 
  • Flexible on pricing 
  • Has a good understanding of the industry 
  • Is very adaptable 
  • Has a strong understanding of client business.

When selecting the right services partner, an organization should consider that a services integrator can assist with systems conversion and new implementations, helping the organization move forward at its own pace. 

A result-oriented approach applies more automation to the migration of data sets to the new AWS platform. However, this process is not yet completely automated, so some human intervention is required. Yet, it still significantly shortens the cycle time of migration.

Why Techwave for AWS Migration?

From lift and shift migrations to broader modernization, AWS is the most proven Cloud to run your applications. When you leverage Techwave to migrate your workloads to AWS, you’re taking advantage of purpose-built infrastructure for workloads, ensuring you get the performance your end-users expect, with the security your critical data requires. Post-migration Techwave and AWS offer a breadth of services to help you modernize your applications and take advantage of new technologies, such as AI/ML, to maintain a competitive advantage. 

Benefits of migrating workloads to AWS with Techwave

Techwave has vast expertise in migrations to AWS. The benefits experienced because of moving workloads to AWS are — 

  • Cost savings because of moving workloads to AWS 
  • Security & Performance benefits 
  • Improved data availability/uptime 
  • Provisioning and scalability benefits 
  • Improved agility to react to business changes and opportunities 
  • Business transformation by blending with AWS


Migration to AWS Cloud is occurring daily within organizations worldwide. Selecting the right migration approach, understanding the need for a strategic migration plan, testing, and finding assistance from a solutions provider with an end-to-end software platform is essential for making the journey successful. Services such as change management and training are critical to smooth out the transition. 

As more companies migrate to modern technology systems, especially ERP, proper migration practices will differentiate between success and failure. Shortening migration time and making it easier for the entire organization to adapt to the AWS platform is a significant opportunity for enterprise digital transformation success. 

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