How to resolve the cloud migration dilemma with VMware investment?

Are you worried about optimizing your IT resources? An obvious solution has been cloud migration, and another is virtualization. Here comes the role of VMware software.

Traditionally, the software has been used to simulate hardware functions and create a virtual computer system where all the resources can be consistently managed across multiple operating systems and applications in a single device, like a physical server.

Given the exponential growth of cloud computing, VMware cloud comes to the rescue and aids enterprises in achieving all the benefits of its on-premises counterpart but with augmented benefits.

What is VMware Cloud?

This is a cloud operations model where the user can create a seamlessly automated data center. VMware cloud facilitates more efficient hybrid operations that leverage the same skills, teams, tools, and processes across multiple public clouds and the edge; thus, fuelling consistent operations across any cloud.

Should you invest in VMware cloud services?

VMware investment can save you from many concerns, such as resource wastage, overall inefficiency, and loss of productivity. In simpler words – VMware cloud facilitates the maintenance of consistent functionality while enabling cloud workload mobility with products like VMware vMotion so that application resources can reside where they make the most sense for the business.

When migrating to the cloud, companies cannot afford downtime or emergencies that can hamper their operation and lead to revenue losses. Therefore, data backup and disaster recovery are a must. Read on to know how VMware investment can be a boon to enterprises.

The Dilemma Surrounding VMware Investment

By now, it is straightforward for businesses that, not moving to the cloud implies trailing behind in the competitive environment. Furthermore, as the infrastructure changes rapidly, it becomes difficult to operate without additional support. Besides, the data centers are becoming increasingly complex, making it even more challenging to stay away from the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are two service providers that help businesses in the transition and benefit greatly from enterprises migrating to VMware cloud. The majority of the companies shifting to VMware cloud are choosing AWS.

But the question or dilemma haunting many organizations is how much to move to the cloud. How safe is it to keep sensitive data such as customers’ personal and financial information in the cloud? Many organizations find this move highly risky and often refrain from VMware investment or migrate not-so-important parts of their business to the could. This implies most organizations are choosing a hybrid approach to cloud migration, wherein, they move only some part of their business to the cloud. In either case, they lose the competitive edge.

Another dilemma in this context is disaster recovery in cloud computing. Companies now, mostly work online. They store enormous data, including customers’ and suppliers’ identities, credit card numbers, addresses, and transaction details.

Also, with the pervasive touch-of-the-key real-time transactions happening all the time, the amount of data exchanged becomes a concern. All of these are extremely sensitive information, and any disaster can cause damage to the parties involved! How can VMware investment protect enterprises and stakeholders (including customers) from such mishaps?

VMware Cloud Services

VMware technology is equipped to ensure 24/7 connectivity, lowering the impact of downtime and poor application performance. Also, it manages the VMware cloud environment workloads to ensure sustained productivity and cost management associated with infrastructure demands. Additionally, the VMware cloud keeps everything moving without delays.

VMware Data Protection and Data Recovery

Another crucial feature of the VMware cloud is that it comes with VMware data protection and VMware data recovery software. Therefore, organizations can feel safer migrating even highly confidential and sensitive data to the cloud without any fear of data loss. VMware vSphere data protection is most efficient in protecting your data from all kinds of danger and leaks. Moreover, VMware disaster recovery software, with its data recovery plan, is perfect to retrieve maximum data in case of any accidental data loss.

Therefore, there is no reason to hesitate to migrate to the VMware cloud. With its data protection solutions and enterprise data backup solutions, your VMware investment can be as risk-free as possible. So, contact our cloud experts today to protect your VMware investments and implement the best cloud migration strategy in VMware cloud infrastructure.