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Overview Of Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) manufacturers can address challenges, improve consumer engagement, and increase profitability through innovative technologies.

CPG industry challenges are many:

  • Increase in consumer demands
  • Ever-changing technologies providing consumers with tools
  • Product cycle and supply chain challenges
  • Rising costs across the board

CPG solutions include technology that will:

  • Better manage and streamline processes
  • Reduce costs and increase profits
  • Provide data to inform on customer needs/wants
  • Increase customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Create systems for optimal operational performance

Our CPG services provide long-term outsourced capabilities by combining consumer packed goods industry best practices with the most advanced technology and a network of global reach. At CPG, we offer our clients solutions designed for innovation and performance with the added value of reliability and predictability.

Consumer Packaged Goods and Services Industry

From shifting consumer demands, changing product life cycles, retailer clout, private label competition, and imported product competition, among other factors, CPG industry trends are transforming and must do so to stay relevant. Sales and marketing is key to relevancy, and today tech innovations are the key to sales and marketing.

Our solution portfolio for manufacturers incorporates services that allow you to address the above-mentioned challenges so you can stay relevant by implementing strategic sales and marketing plans.

Our Sales and Marketing Solution include:

  • Salesforce automation
  • Brand management
  • Customer value analytics
  • Campaign management
  • Trade planning and promotion management
  • Customer loyalty management

ECommerce has exploded and is now a primary source of shopping for customers. It streamlines shopping and allows consumers to easily compare and purchase the best products according to their specifications. A strong digital presence is necessary for manufacturers to understand their customers and to provide direct access and engagement.

Our digital solutions integrate custom technology capabilities to align with your manufacturing goals:

  • ECommerce Re-platforming
  • Cross Channel Integration
  • POS Data Analytics
  • Content Management
  • Omni Pricing and Agile Pricing
  • Digital Marketing

The challenges of supply chain logistics are many and are exacerbated by the new realities of today’s market. Challenges include customer service, risk management, inventory planning, supplier relationships, and collaboration with all organizations along the supply chain.

Though technology in part has made this process more complex, our CPG services work with technology to create solutions and optimize the performance of the supply chain.

  • Supply Network Optimization
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • Forecasting and Demand Planning
  • Warehouse Management Solutions
  • Global Trade Solutions
  • Strategic Sourcing

Mobility solutions transform the way we work today — with the power of technology in the palm of our hands. We offer cutting edge tech solutions that leverage the power of the mobile device. You are no longer tethered to a workspace but have the capability to move around and perform, making the manufacturing process more efficient and meeting demands.

Our CPG services provide:

  • Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile Payments
  • Location Intelligence
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions for CPG
  • Mobile Product Look-up

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Business Intelligence solution to the luxury goods conglomerate

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