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Small and medium sized manufacturers often have multiple, independent, legacy applications which are used in cross-functional processes. With no or very less connectivity between applications, executives and business managers invest a lot of efforts in maintaining data integrity across applications and ensuring that connectors do not fail. Over the years as new development keeps on happening, the applications and connectors become extremely complex with deep integration at database level, making any re-engineering exercise a herculean task.

CIO’s and Technology Officers are SME’s often have very little budget and resources for big bang digital transformation projects which can resolve these issues. The challenge most small and mid-size manufacturers are facing is to find the right solution which strikes correct balance between speed, budget, and skill requirements.

Our Solution

Techwave’s Enterprise Application Integration Services (EAIS) understands integration requirements by evaluating databases, workflows, applications, and security to recommend best integration approach harnessing power of Microservices, API Gateways or Enterprise Serial Bus platforms such as Mulesoft. When transforming to API centric enterprise integration, Techwave EAIS uses 12 Factor principles to transform your enterprise architecture to be scalable, resilient and event driven.

Techwave also offers its expertise in implementing integration Platform-As-A-Service solutions such as Dell Boomi which offer standard connectors for wide variety of CRM’s, ERP’s and other applications which makes for fast configuration and deployment.


  • Scalable, robust, and low maintenance enterprise application integration using modern digital platforms
  • Benefit from single source for data across enterprise
  • Seamless integration between business processes such as order management, customer master, invoicing, and logistics.
  • Leverage API led integration to offer additional services to your customers leading to superior customer experience.

Advantage Techwave

  • Experience consultants with global experience on API led integration projects
  • Experts in Mulesoft and Dell Boomi, global leaders in Integration platform as a service solution
  • Ready to deploy, local developers bench strength
  • Flexible, local language friendly support operations for hassle free maintenance post deployment

Our Capabilities


  • Cloud strategy and enablement
  • Cloud migration and deployment
  • DevOps
  • iMicron Unity for enterprise hybrid cloud management


  • Big data analytics
  • Master Data Management
  • Enterprise dashboards using Qlik/PowerBI/Tableau


  • Hyper Automation
  • Freight Management
  • Accounting and reconciliations
  • ERP bots and agents

Internet of Things

  • Custom PCB design, firmware, and fabrication
  • COSMOS IoT middleware platform
  • Europe based manufacturing & support