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Manufacturing industry is currently witnessing fourth industrial revolution. Manufacturers today are looking at new methods to overcome challenges in reducing production wastes, predict machine failures and assure higher quality and yield levels. This need is predominantly being driven by factors such as increasing pressure on bottom line, reducing production batch sizes, need for faster time to market, difficult to find trained manpower and higher focus on sustainable manufacturing.

Stagnant or reducing capital expenditure budgets is also forcing production managers to use old machines for longer time, spawning related issues such as higher defects, manpower availability issues for machine operation, lesser uptime, and higher maintenance costs.

Old and monolith systems, including machines, applications and processes, impede operational mobility which makes digital transforming of shop floor even more challenging.

Our Solution

Techwave’s Industry 4.0 solution aggregates data coming from machine sensors, MES systems, inline quality, and counter equipment for enabling real time process monitoring, remote diagnostics, and real time alerts when deviations are identified. Using real time data, Techwave uses AI/ML based algorithms to predict failures, identify deviations in production yield and assist in maintaining optimal production conditions.

Our IoT hardware solution consists of retrofitting of old machines with appropriate sensors, enable data transmission from machines using IoT gateways and our own IoT platform, COSMOS. We consult on communication protocols suited to specific production environment, create Cloud architecture for voluminous IoT data handling and write customised AI/ML algorithms for your specific requirements.


  • Continuous monitoring of critical shop floor assets
  • Enable remote diagnostics for your service team
  • Identify root causes impacting production quality and causing defects
  • Reduce COPQ (Cost Of Poor Quality) through increased visibility and real time alerts
  • Create seamless and connected manufacturing ecosystem of machines, man and method

Advantage Techwave

  • Complete coverage of Industry 4.0 spectrum; from hardware to software
  • Customised, in-house hardware and firmware design capabilities for handling unique requirements
  • Proprietary cloud middleware platform COSMOS
  • Experienced resource pool of data scientists for creating customised AI/ML algorithms

Our Capabilities



  • Cloud strategy and enablement
  • Cloud migration and deployment
  • DevOps
  • iMicron Unity for enterprise hybrid cloud management
Foreign Exchange


  • Big data analytics
  • Master Data Management
  • Enterprise dashboards using Qlik/PowerBI/Tableau
Investment Banking


  • Hyper Automation
  • Freight Management
  • Accounting and reconciliations
  • ERP bots and agents
Non-Banking Financial Services

Internet of Things

  • Custom PCB design, firmware, and fabrication
  • COSMOS IoT middleware platform
  • Europe based manufacturing & support