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Overview Of Retail Industry

Retailers face real IT challenges. The retail industry is challenged by increasing customer demands and intensifying cost pressures. Techwave's innovative retail IT solutions are the solution. Retailers need a digital transformation service provider to help them improve profitability by shoring up inefficient processes and achieving operational efficiencies. We can help everyone in your organization-from executives at headquarters to individual store staff-be more productive, and your customers will enjoy smart experiences in store and online. Relying on a combination of industry best practices, technology expertise, and global reach, our retail IT solutions, retail analytics solutions, and IoT retail solutions bring predictability and reliability to our clients.

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Retail Industry Services

Shoppers have greater access than ever before to product information. Retailers must find ways to please these demanding customers and counter competitors. These goals can be achieved using our retail industry solutions to drive sales and become more efficient, without sacrificing profitability. Techwave brings in retail industry solutions, including data visualization and dashboard-building solutions. A strong dashboard is a key component of a retailer’s retail analytics solutions, providing insights into key performance indicators and enabling retailers to react quickly to business changes.

  • Retail operations dashboards
  • Market trend and seasonality
  • Mobile dashboards
  • Supply chain performance dashboards
  • Social media metrics
  • Geospatial visualization

Today’s customers are channel agnostic. They expect instant gratification, convenience, and value. To succeed in this competitive market, retailers must provide a seamless and consistent brand experience across channels. We help retailers realize their omni-channel strategy using our innovative retail IT solutions.

  •  eCommerce replatforming
  • Cross channel integration
  • Loyalty and CRM
  •  Content management
  • Omni pricing and Agile pricing
  • Digital marketing

Mobility solutions have empowered every facet of retail. Retailers are looking at innovative ways to engage with customers, to understand their preferences, and to drive traffic to the stores. Techwave help retailers to stay ahead of competition by building tailored retail IT solutions (including deploying technology in retail stores) using cutting-edge technology.

  • Mobile commerce
  • Mobile payments
  • Location based marketing and analytics
  • Enterprise mobility solutions for retail operations
  • Mobile product look-up
  • Mobile couponing

Using Techwave’s retail analytics solutions, retailers can combine detailed information from internal systems, social media, third-party sources, and public and macroeconomic data to perform advanced analytics. Retailers use it to forecast demand, understand customer behavior, and optimize retail operations. Techwave experts use retail analytics solutions to help retailers harness big data to gain valuable insights.

  • Predictive analytics and retail forecasting
  • Geospatial analytics Customer value analytics
  • Supply chain optimization

Key Differentiators

  • To get better access to industry-specific skilled manpower, a large retailer outsourced the development and maintenance of its mission-critical logistics application to us in India.
  • A long-respected DAX 30 company and owner of Billion Dollar Brands chose us to build a KPI-driven Offshore Centre of Excellence that fulfilled a strategic need to build an extended retail industry solutions team.
  • We helped a global leader in providing product data management solutions to the retail industry develop extended product engineering capability in a low-cost location.