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Telecom world is rapidly drifting towards digitization with the help of emerging next-generation technologies and intelligent devices. To keep up with the pace, the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) must meet the data demands of the customers without compromise in network quality. The CSP’s thus need to expand their reach to new geographical locations and also upgrade their existing network with the evolving network architectures. In this process of expansion, the CSPs encounter many new challenges and have limitations on their investments. To meet these requirements, CSP’s need trusted partners with technical expertise and experience to collaborate and work on end-to-end network design solutions.

Techwave’s Technical expertise and experience in Design services will support and facilitate various delivery methods which will create a greater value for your business. Our objectives align with your business needs and our one-stop shop approach focusses on cost effective services and customer satisfaction at every level.

Segments We Cater to

Network Planning & Designing

Network Planning & Designing

Intelligent Designs with Advanced and Emerging technologies is our promise.”

Techwave’s Engineering services offer a wide range of services which cater Copper, Fiber and Hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) technologies in both Greenfield and Brownfield areas. Techwave has a combination of experts with experience in Telecom NOCs, Field Implementations, GIS applications and IT Applications. Our Telco team has great experience in analysing, planning, and optimizing the proposed network designs as well as upgrading/modifying the existing network designs. Listed below are the scopes we cater to our clients

  • Network Planning
  • Network Designing
  • Asbuilt Updates
  • Network upgradation
  • Business As usual

Network Inventory Management

Network Inventory Management 

Inventory management solutions to Enhance Your Operations 

Every day across the globe immense amount of network data is generated amongst the industries and organizations and upon effective management of this data we would be able to deliver valuable and addressable findings which can improve the overall operational performance of the organization.

Network Inventory Management plays a vital role in organizing all the network infrastructure data by maintaining the data up to date and derive a streamlined process to effectively manage the network.

Techwave’s inventory management services enable our Clients to effectively overcome the challenges pertaining to their data systems and retain their network asset data standards across industries viz. Communications, Utilities, Energy, etc. Techwave comprises a pool of Expert GIS developers to plan and develop a range of in-house software tools that can be applied to the asset data and automate number of processes. Below listed are the scopes we support our client’s with

  • Data Clean-up
  • Data Integration
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Migration
  • Work Order processing
  • Asset Tracking

Geo-spatial Data Analytics

Geo-spatial Data Analytics 

Harness the power of Analytics 

Many organizations around the world maintain information in the form of rows and columns. This may make reporting fast and easy however not necessarily insightful. But the human brains often organize information with respect to time and place resulting to a meaningful interpretation.

Now-a-days with the advent of new technologies like the cloud, embedded sensors, mobile and social media, the mapping and analysis have been taken to the next level to produce more granular insights of trends, patterns and relationships in spatial context.

Geospatial Data analytics is the approach of utilizing statistical analysis and other informational techniques and methodologies with data which has a geographical or network component. It provides analysis of what is happening where. Geospatial Data analytics allows decision makers to understand a desired geographic area better, empowering them to make smarter decisions.

The success of geospatial applications in any project depends upon the selection, collection, sorting and end-usage of data. Techwave’s expertise in Data Analytics and multiple GIS systems and formats and its precise quality control mechanism enables its client to achieve the desired results. Below listed are the scopes we cater.

  • Location Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Network Analytics
  • Network Optimization

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