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Overview of the Utilities Industry

Those who work in the Utilities space face significant IT challenges. Some of the challenges that are facing the Utilities industry include the increasing demands of the customers which are only intensifying the demands of the providers. Techwave provides cutting-edge IT solutions to assist utilities industry services in meeting the demands of their customers. By relying on an innovative digital transformation service provider, Utilities businesses will be able to:

Techwave’s IT solutions for utility providers can assist utility companies with everything from securing their data to providing advanced analytics using performance-based metrics. Relying on Techwave’s unique blend of application modernization, IoT utility solutions, and cloud computing, Techwave can bring innovation and reliability to utility clients.

Improve the efficiency of their products and services

Increase their operational production

Better serve their customers

Utilities Industry Services

Customers expect more than ever from their utilities service providers. Therefore, utilities companies need to find ways to meet these demands and maintain an edge on their competitors. Using Techwave's software solutions for utilities industry, Techwave can help clients meet these demands. Some of the services that Techwave provides include:

Application modernization

Mobility solutions

Big data analytics

Internet of Things (IoT) integration

Cloud computing services

Reliable IT support

Dashboard visualization

It is important for everyone in the utilities industry to see these services in action.

A Key Differentiator: Schneider Electric

Techwave helped an electrical company called Schneider Electric improve its productivity and accuracy. Schneider Electric wanted to have global, unified reports, but there wasn’t a common language for this kind of information from all the different sources. It was requiring a tremendous amount of manpower and countless hours to put together these reports. This was an incredibly inefficient process full of rampant errors, making the reports unreliable.

Techwave designed a portal-based solution to solve this issue. Because of Techwave, business users were able to access a powerful data warehouse which stored important information related to the company. This portal allowed the KPIs of the supply chain to be analyzed quickly and authorized users could easily review the dashboard and simulations