Innovation and teamwork on full display at 2019 hackathon

Techwave loves to foster new ideas and give opportunities to let our team members showcase their amazing talents. We recently hosted a “Hackathon” that tasked our members with creating an application to improvise our service and customer satisfaction.
This event was designed to capture, collaborate, evaluate and select “Bright Ideas”. The ideas needed to be practical, demonstrative, integrated with the Techwave BUs and have a market approach. But beyond that we had no limitations on technology, process or platform.
The participants had to follow this timeline during the competition :
  1. 1 week to register the idea with HRD (13th May’19 to 17 May’19)
  2. 4 weeks to develop the proof of Concept – To present and share their in PPT format to HRD (from 18th May- 15th June)
  3. 2 weeks Selection process ( Visualization of POC on Technology/process/product/domain, etc..)  – Practically teams need to present in front of BU Heads.( 9th August 2019)
After a close battle 2 teams rose to the top, and we crowned our winning team:
Simplifying business solutions with SAP Buddy (SAP Virtual  Assistant).
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh
Mr. Rajendra Kumar Singh
Ms. Ruchika Paul
Ms. Shruti Sanjeev Mahule
Runner Up:
Creation of orders in SAP through Artificial Intelligence.
Ms. PVNS Mamatha
Mr. Yash Sharma
Mr. Sagar Peddigari
Mr. Mohandath K
Mr. Sai Sagar Kache
We couldn’t be prouder of everyone that competed and helped put this event on. at Techwave we are all about Innovation and we couldn’t do it without the inventive minds of our team members!