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Fast-Track Your O2C Cycle

Fast-Track Your O2C Cycle With AR Automation

 Sales, supply chain, and compliance aspects make the initial cash cycle a reasonably complex process.  AR automation is one way by which organizations can shorten the cash conversion cycle and improv...


SAP Managed Services – Picking The Perfect Partner

Managing cost, time, and effort to support the SAP Landscape is a critical challenge for any business. When choosing a suitable Managed Service Provider (MSP), a company must consider how a services integrator ...

R2R Fears

Allay Your R2R Fears

Across the entire Record-To-Report (R2R) cycle, businesses face the extremely labor-intensive and risk-prone process of completing a close cycle within specific timelines and that too in an error-free manner. H...

Propelling RPA Beyond The Routine

Propelling RPA Beyond The Routine

Though organizations tend to deliver end-to-end automation beyond RPA by combining complementary technologies to augment business processes, there is a lack of guidance to assemble RPA with other tools. This hi...

Cosmos IoT – Scale-Up Frugally

Cosmos IoT – Scaleup Frugally

Beyond proofs of concept, CIOs and CEOs want to see evidence of hard returns on investment for how IoT improves business processes, optimizes operations, enhances workforce productivity, increases revenue, and ...