Know About Your Deployment Options in the Cloud

By 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-internet” policy is today, according to Gartner, Inc. Making the right choice regarding your cloud environment can be difficult if your knowledge about your options is nonexistent. This blog will help you learn about the fundamentals of cloud deployment so your business can be in good hands.

Choosing the right cloud

There are 3 cloud environments that you should know. There’s Public cloud, private, and hybrid cloud. Here is an overview:

Public cloud is the most popular cloud environment because of its large access and limitless growth. It’s also easy to use and provides scalability and cost effectiveness. Public cloud has made large strides to enhance its security because of its large popularity. While we don’t recommend storing all your sensitive data here considering there are more secure options, in the very near future public cloud might be sensitive data friendly. It’s important to note that the cloud provider is in control of this environment.

Private cloud is the best choice for hosting sensitive data. The infrastructure is set up in-house so that it’s only accessible to the company. You will have the most control in this environment, but it will not be as scalable and cost effective as the public cloud. This should be kept in mind when attempting to expand your infrastructure when your business grows.

Hybrid cloud gives your company a mix of public and private cloud benefits. Essentially you have access to both the public cloud and private cloud. You can store the data you feel comfortable with being seen publicly while also storing data that you want to keep more secure. Having separate platforms is great for alleviating the stressful task of having tight security on data that doesn’t really need it.

Deployment in the Cloud

Deployment in the cloud is about having a cloud service provider host the software and outsourcing taking care of the maintenance of your company’s daily tasks. Security is a top priority as well as having providing upgrades. Cloud deployment is a good choice for companies because of its range in scalability capabilities, whether companies need to scale up or down in order to cut down on any unnecessary expenses. You’ll avoid having to hire an IT staff and stay relevant and competitive. Choosing the right type of cloud environment is the first step to maintaining your company up to date with business enhancing technologies.