Leverage Trending Technologies to Build an Intelligent Enterprise

Are you one amongst them who are constantly planning to hit the bull’s eye and phase into the elite club of Fortune 500 companies? Ever dreamt to make it big like Microsoft or IBM?  Want to carve out a special image in the IT landscape? If yes is the only answer to these questions, then you must waste no time to kickstart a journey that would transform your company into an Intelligent Enterprise.

Intelligent Enterprise—just in case this terminology, which is now making waves in the IT space, sounds tricky, then here we present you what it’s all about and the 2018 technology trends to enable an intelligent enterprise.

Coined by James Briann, in his book Intelligent Enterprise, this isn’t a new technology but leveraging all the trending technologies, data, people and robust infrastructure to reshape the organization into a sophisticated one that is set to dominate the IT space. Intellectuality takes the center stage in an intelligent enterprise.

Now, what are those technologies that are to be leveraged? Below are three trending technologies.

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Blockchain
  3. Cloud

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to think and act on its own without human intervention. Broadly classified into General AI and Narrow AI, the former one deals with the humanoid robots while narrow AI deals with machines that perform a single task. With IoT ruling the roost, purchases of devices are on the rise. Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are classic examples of AI. To leverage the IoT market, enterprises must shift their focus towards Artificial Intelligence.

Blockchain: There’s a notion that blockchain and Bitcoin are the same. When Bitcoin was first introduced, it was predominantly aimed at bypassing the banks and creating a virtual peer-to-peer money transfer. It was based on blockchain technology. However, it’s not just limited Bitcoin. The blockchain is a procedure where blocks (records) are created whenever a transaction (need not be financial) takes place that would be available in the public ledger. Anyone can view the transaction, which helps in maintaining transparency especially when agreements are executed by the companies. The best part of blockchain is that—the crucial data will be embedded and just the transaction type and date would be made available to the public. Many companies are embracing blockchain as it won’t let anyone alter any block. This would mean that your data would not be changed. To transform your company into an intelligent enterprise, your organization must start using blockchain technology.

Cloud Services: Cloud Services are the game changers of not just IT industry but any enterprise as it can streamline the day to day operation. With the help of cloud services, employees get a 360-degree view and access to the information from any part of the globe with basic internet connectivity. It even automates the system maintenance as cloud service providers typically work round the clock monitoring your ERP systems. Several studies indicated that almost all companies would switch to cloud services. By embracing the cloud, you will help your company reach the next level.

Conclusion: Make your enterprise shine today with by using leveraging these three most trending strategic technology tools,  and join the bandwagon of the intelligent enterprise. Just in case you are confused as to where you can avail of these services, we are here to help you out. Techwave, a leader in software solutions, offers all these technologies that are cost-effective. Please feel free to get in touch with us at info@techwave.net.