Leveraging IoT for Smart Fleet Management

Are you a driving enthusiast or manage a fleet of vehicles? Have you ever felt how awesome it would be if there was an indicator to project the air pressure in tires just like how you have the fuel meter? Do you often skip the general servicing dates and don’t replace the essential parts in the right time? Got ripped off by your drivers who steal tons of fuel? If these are the questions that often keep you engaged in thoughts, then you are probably not introduced to the business edge IoT fleet management solutions, which has the right solution reserved exclusively for fleet operators like you. Read on to know more about it.

Fleet management is all about managing a fleet of vehicles right from two-wheelers to six and eight wheelers. There have been growing concerns amongst the fleet operators, who often face issues with drivers’ misdemeanors such as fuel theft, operating on personal routes, delayed delivery etc. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), which redefined the fleet management solutions.

Today’s smart fleet management solutions have everything in store for you. Some of the offerings include:

Real-time Tracking: Fleet operators can track their vehicles in real-time and check if the drivers are following the suggested path or if there’s a diversion. Drivers usually tend to take personal routes for obvious reasons, which will result in a delay in the delivery. Also, the high-value goods can be monitored as the sensors embedded in the truck will connect to the cloud and transmit the data in real-time.

Automated Alerts: We understand that delayed delivery could have an adverse effect on your business. This typically happens whenever there’s a vehicle break-down. In a general scenario, drivers must reach out for the mechanics on their own and get the truck or vehicle repaired, which is undoubtedly a time-consuming affair. To permanently fix this issue, IoT technologies are leveraged. The sensors would send automatic alert notifications to the fleet operator as well as the nearby mechanics, who provide online services. The towing team would rush to the spot, which will save the time and efforts. 

Fuel Monitoring: Fuel is one area that fleet operators often burn their fingers. Be it due to theft or optimization issues, the visible gap in fuel monitoring in all vehicles is a pain in the neck for operators and a gift in disguise to the truck drivers. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), fuel theft can be controlled. Specially designed sensors are embedded in the fuel tanks that send the notifications to the user’s mobile handsets and computers about the fuel level in the vehicles through the public cloud. If the fuel is removed, the alert notification would be sent in real-time.

Driver Behavior: IoT helps you gain insight into your driver behavior with the help of sensors embedded in the vehicle. This essentially includes the number of hours that he’s driving, harsh braking, the speed driving, consistency in the speed limit, frequent halts, slow driving, and harsh acceleration. Based on the acquired data, fleet operators can warn the drivers to change the behavior. This will be helpful in good maintenance of your vehicles.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: When the driver is monitored, it paves the way to the on-time delivery, which is directly linked to the customer satisfaction. Reports suggested that fleet operators who switched to smart fleet solutions have achieved higher customer service satisfaction compared to the traditional fleet operations.

Requirements from the fleet operators:

Fleet operators must strictly adhere to few things to leverage the IoT solutions.

  • Every operator must equip his fleet of vehicles with quality sensors. Going with inexpensive and substandard sensors will not prove beneficial
  • Fleet operators must use interoperability solutions
  • Operators must ensure that the IoT devices and sensors they use are compatible

Our Solutions:

  • Falcon Tracker: Equipped with GPS and supported on Android and iOS, it enables the fleet operator to live track the vehicle
  • Falcon Incognito: A removable GPS tracking for ensuring that the truck is not denied an entry into the sensitive area where tracking and photography is prohibited
  • Falcon Blackbox: Deriving its inspiration from the black boxes in choppers, Falcon Blackbox helps fleet operators to get the accurate driver information
  • Falcon Safe: Techwave’s pathbreaking innovation is all here to permanently fix the drowsiness while driving, which is the main culprit in the road accidents. The moment the driver feels drowsy, an automated alarm starts buzzing until the driver is back to a normal Also, it captures the image of the driver and sends it across to the operator in real-time for his further action.
  • Falcon Third Eye: You can now know how much fuel is being utilized and whether if there’s a fuel theft by replacing the regular fuel cap with Techwave’s Falcon Third Eye.

Our other products include Falcon Safe Zone, and Falcon FuelTrack.

Techwave is a pioneer in IoT solutions. We partnered with various hardware vendors to deliver end-to-end IoT solutions. Walk in with the problem and walk out with a solution, which will permanently fix your fleet blues. We provide customized solutions to meet your business requirements even for the tight budget companies. Why wait? Get in touch with us right away. Write to us at info@techwave.net.