Managed Services—Transforming the Enterprises

Of late ‘Managed Services,’ seem to be hogging the limelight in the Information Technology landscape. Many companies are rapidly shifting to managed services while a few are still in the clutches of a dilemma. To all of them who are pausing and pondering over joining the bandwagon of managed services, our blog is an effort to throw focus on application managed services (AMS) methodology.

Increases Agility: A recent study by IDC has shared some interesting facts. At least 25% companies need to respond to the emergencies within 24 hours failing which the business will impact, said the study while 50% if companies needed to focus within 48 hours to fix the issue to ensure the damage is minimal. This is increasingly a growing concern, and no company is open to take the risk. Therefore, they are looking at managed services as the only option as it increases the agility without a second thought. Also, the companies can be tension free given third-parties shoulder the responsibilities to fix the issues in the advent of disasters even before they affect the business.

Optimum Utilization of Resources: Managing traditional IT infrastructure requires companies to engage the workforce in maintenance and monitoring the hardware etc. Managed IT services will eliminate this process, which will help the companies move their workforce to more strategic projects. According to a study conducted by Hurwitz, 43% of IT employees said that ‘managed service provider,’ was essential to transform the enterprise. Nearly 71% of employees were convinced that managed services have the agility to free-up IT, internal staff.

Reducing Downtime: Downtime can wreak havoc on any IT company even as SMEs reserve their spot in the vulnerable zone.   There are many surveys to establish this fact and a recent study upheld the argument by unveiling the alarming opinion of IT experts. In the report shared by Information Technology Intelligence Consulting survey, an hour’s downtime to business could cost the companies dearer. What’s the point when such downtime can derail the business be it for a day or week? Managed services come into picture here. Managed services’ provider usually has the required infrastructure and expertise to ensure that there’s no downtime even in case of a catastrophe. However, the onus is on companies to opt for the right MSP. 

Cost-Effective:  Adopting managed services is undoubtedly a cost-effective option. Any company who has switched to managed services would pay based on pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model wherein it would only pay for the services utilized unlike traditional IT infrastructure wherein companies end up paying for the future, especially when they purchase a hardware etc. Further, studies indicated that managed services even boosted the revenue of the companies. Autotask’s Managed Services Market Study revealed that 94% revenue is generated for the companies through managed services and 74% of C level officers planned to grow managed services to increase the revenues.

With customer satisfaction taking the center stage at Techwave, we ensure that all our clients are ahead of their competitors both in terms of ROI and achievements. We have elite workforce with decades of experience in AMS.  We follow various methodologies such as agile and waterfall. Based on your requirement, you could choose the one that’s ideal for your company. The moment you step in for managed services, we would analyze your business, examine the challenges and then propose solutions—whether going with managed services for certain applications or replace your entire legacy IT infrastructure. Our 24×7 helpline is in place to hear your concerns at any point of time. After you become our prestigious customer, we would continuously monitor your traffic and constantly aim at leveraging the best practices that would simplify your work and in turn fetch higher ROI. While we automatically provide updates, we would always make informed decisions. Even in terms of security, you can rely on us. Even in case of any malware, we would fix them even before it affects the business. That’s how we have been able to serve some of the big names in the IT space. In fact, Techwave has been dominating the IT space across the globe in managed IT services for more than a decade. Our tailored managed services best fits even the companies with tight budgets. Get in touch with us right away. Email us at