Migrating SAP workloads on AWS: A blessing for CTOs and CIOs

The impulse of digitalizing your business has now become a matter of ‘how’ rather than ‘when’.

Running a modern business in the digital era can be quite challenging, with ruthless market competition that requires constant upgrades to stay ahead of the game.

The onus of Digital Transformations is majorly on the CTOs and CIOs

Large enterprises host thousands of applications that call for restructuring when faced with digital disruptions; a herculean task, to say the least! After going through a grueling on-premise SAP adoption, moving the entire system to the cloud architecture can understandably make the decision-maker a skeptic.

Migrating your SAP workloads to cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a more viable option if you consider the investments needed and the myriad doors of opportunities it opens to reduce overhead costs, optimize resources, avail on-demand capabilities and services without any wasteful spending.

Leaders need to recognize the challenges when migrating the business operations and SAP applications to AWS.

The digital era is dominated by cloud technology, as businesses are aware of its benefits in terms of efficiency and profitability. Though cloud technologies offer promising benefits, you can reap the benefits only after going through the initial challenges.

The presence of redundant hardware, unscalable infrastructure, and reserved attitude of certain businesses that inhibits the adoption of future-ready platforms like SAP S/4 HANA has made it even more difficult to build innovative business ideas and has eventually led to shortcomings.

Also, post the cloud migration, it cannot be qualified as successful if:

  • You reap limited value from partial implementation of Greenfield, Brownfield, or even Bluefield applications on the cloud platforms. This results in a lack of synchronization between the cloud applications and on-premise systems, or even between multi-cloud applications.
  • You still need further expertise in customizing high-end requirements of customers, to promote innovations and product development prospects.
  • You are constantly spending on training to eliminate concerns like, inadequate knowledge about the cloud levers that enhance the overall business operations and productivity.
  • You are managing a diverse team with an equally diverse approach that creates vulnerabilities such as security, compliance, and resilience risks.
  • There are budget plans that have gone haywire.

Exploiting the company’s IT infrastructure and leveraging it to accelerate business, provide best-in-class technical operations, transparent metering, auto-scaling, infrastructure flexibility, and managed cloud platform security are some methods to overcome the challenges and shortcomings.

These are just a few pain points from among the many that tech leaders must juggle regularly. However, you can ensure a seamless SAP Application Migration to Cloud platforms like AWS with the help of CloudXoomTMCloudXoomTM is a program by Techwave which ensures that your SAP Migration to AWS is hassle-free and cost effective. It also ensures you address every mentioned setback and even act as your contingency planner.

How can Techwave be the perfect fit for easy migration of SAP workload to AWS?

Techwave strives to revolutionize digital transformations. Maximizing business potential to greater heights has been Techwave’s major push through, and this is being implemented with the help of advanced managed services and technology.

Techwave has achieved AWS SAP Competency status, which establishes it as an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) with certified technical proficiency and a proven track record of successful SAP migrations to AWS for customers from every sector of the industry like – Logistics, Telecom, Retail, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and many more.

The breadth and depth of services from AWS and Techwave offer futuristic Techwave’s CloudXoomTM: A roadmap to successful SAP deployment on AWS technologies to help you better support your evolving business needs and drive new value from SAP workloads on AWS.

In this context, Techwave’s CloudXoomTM has been a boon as it helps in migrating SAP workloads like S/4 HANA, SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BW, etc. to AWS infrastructure with cost savings of up to 30-33%.

The potent combination of AWS’s power and services, along with Techwave’s CloudXoomTM, has effectively empowered organizations to achieve successful SAP migrations without any complications.

Highlights of CloudXoomTM

Techwave packaged SAP cloud offers best-in-class deployment by providing the right platform for SAP with one-click provisioning. The primary outlook is to simplify service organizations by overcoming the complexity of SAP migration and facilitating a scalable delivery model.

Why AWS should be your first choice while migrating your SAP workload?

Let’s look at a few stats – Currently, AWS holds 41.5% of the cloud computing market, which is higher than all its competitors combined. AWS has played an increasingly important role in the cloud services industry and has become an important revenue earner for Amazon, amounting to over $45 billion. It enables optimized delivery of both static and dynamic files through a content delivery network around the world.

Reports claim that migration of SAP applications to AWS cloud brings down the business infrastructure costs by 35% and Service Level Agreement (SLA) accuracy of 99%.

SAP deployment on AWS is changing the face of business scalability, availability, and stability.

Given Amazon’s dynamic and extensive infrastructure, AWS has been competently used for enhanced performance and scalability of the business.

Migrating SAP applications to AWS can lead to greater business payoffs such as –

  • Seamless migration with the help of experts who work closely with your tech team and management to design the optimum roadmap with a defined timeline for SAP migration.
  • Faster time-to-market, improved customer relationships with the brands, optimized innovation techniques.
  • It also increases business efficiency and reduces the cost by a milestone in IT landscapes.
  • You can seamlessly lease the required cloud capabilities and pay as you go to achieve new targets at relatively smaller cost and time; and reach the market much before your competitors.
  • All aspects of security, compliance, system health check-ups, regular monitoring, cementing off loopholes, no-surprises factor, cost-saving implementations, new ideas to navigate upcoming contingencies, etc. are all covered under the service.

Overall, AWS users can have open access to create a cost-effective, flexible, and agile cloud environment in business implementation.


SAP Cloud Migration via Techwave’s CloudXoomTM facilitates a fool-proof cloud migration strategy, faster timelines, enhanced security, risk reduction, and compliance. A business and tech leader must focus on the business’s individual needs without having to worry about technologies that keep evolving and demand constant attention with significant cost fluctuations. All this takes companies further away from their core competencies. Hence, it is prudent to leave such worries on the industry experts like Techwave and AWS.