Most notable IoT developments of 2019 so far

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the global market. Since its beginning, IoT technology has mostly focused on consumer products, as well as assisting in digital transformation in industries. With time, the IoT scope has expanded as the technological methods and devices advance.  

This year as seen some remarkable advancements in IoT here are the most notable: 

1. Enhanced bundled services 

Formerly, it was a little challenging for customers to set up connected their devices and even when they got them set up, some faced difficulties simply using their devices. Eventually, people started losing interest in advancements such as smart homes, smart cars, and other ‘smart’ innovations. These challenges led to companies losing the confidence of their customers. 

In 2019, with the development and expansion of IoT bundling, companies dealing with these devices are providing bundled packages to their customers. User experience is enhanced by acquiring a package of devices and services that all are guaranteed to fit within a set infrastructure; therefore, having a single network to serve all their devices. This makes set up a breeze and ensures a smooth experience for the life of the product.  

2. Transformed processes in data centers 

While IoT changed the data transmission process, the change was associated with several drawbacks. Well, devices turned into data generation center where formerly they only played the role of consumer, the rate of traffic flow increased drastically which meant that data centers couldn’t adequately accommodate the change in data being processed. 

Edge computing has succeeded in curbing this challenge by restructuring the mode of data transmission. Data centers have been rapidly replaced by cloud technology where devices process less data and relieve strain on the network, i.e., data processing occurs at the edge of said network. 

3. Improved security systems 

Internet of Things incorporation into security was a major leap forward in the industry in both the amount and types of information gathered but also the cost of the products. However, with the inclusion of all the connected devices, this opened the door to These projects risk getting exposed to cybercrimes by hackers as well as sensors getting bypassed physically. Eventually, no matter how many sensors you have, the simple compromise of the system could render it useless. 

For that reason, recent advancements in the IoT security systems have been the focus for many providers. There are advancements in the mechanisms involved in threat prevention, network efficiency, user control among others. Tracking of the efficacy of these new systems is ongoing in 2019. 


The IoT market is expected to continue to grow massively and quickly. As more industries see the true potential of IoT in their businesses you can expect this list to grow rapidly this year and beyond.