Need help with AWS migration? Techwave can make it easy

COVID-19 has compelled many companies to overhaul their technology and migrate their services to the Cloud, permitting them to significantly lower their typical operating costs.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most reliable and scalable cloud services available, offering businesses a suite of services that can be used to power everything from small business websites to massive enterprise applications. AWS also has many features that make it an attractive choice for businesses.

However, migrating from one ERP system to another, especially on the cloud can be quite arduous. The entire process can take weeks to months and in some instances, even years.

Hence, it is prudent to identify the right cloud provider and the best approach to cloud migration to leverage its benefits. And companies intent on achieving and scaling digital transformation must understand the intricacies of the process and its challenges.

Once, you familiarize yourself with the complex and time-consuming hurdles to successful cloud migration, you will realize the need to partner with a third-party cloud migration service provider to help you with everything.

AWS Migration: Why It’s Needed for Business

ERP systems, often known as back-office systems, are valuable assets to a company since they serve as its backbone. Accounting, buying, storage, and asset management are the key parts of ERP.

Around a full ERP platform, other functions include human capital management (HCM), production, sourcing, and transportation. In the digital economy, these backbone systems are rapidly expanding to become the digital core for businesses.

Moving from a legacy ERP system, on this note, might be challenging due to the numerous complexities that must be recognized and resolved before the actual migration. Legacy ERP systems are often highly customized, include large data sets, and may be intricately connected.

Businesses need to be as agile as possible in today’s globally competitive environment. Achieving this agility can be difficult, but it is made easier and more effective with cloud-managed services.

Companies considering AWS migration are wise in leveraging the power of the Cloud, which can help them avoid overspending on expensive hardware and software updates while offering them increased flexibility in their business operations. That said, some of the primary reasons why companies must consider making an AWS migration are:

Ease of Use:Using AWS is easier than installing and maintaining a software solution on your infrastructure or hardware.

Flexibility:You can always choose to add more servers as and when your business requires it as there is no limit. This makes AWS flexible and scalable, which gives you more control.

Security: One of the greatest benefits of using AWS is its security; there is always a backup to your data, and your files are encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone.

Cost Saving: Cost savings are often cited as the main motivation for moving to AWS. Running a server on an internal network can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month, which is much higher than running it in the cloud.

Choose the right AWS Migration Partner

Migrating to AWS can be a daunting task. But with the right partner, your migration can be an easy process that gets you off the ground and running on AWS quickly. Switching to the digital world is a multistep process. It requires businesses to restructure themselves and prioritize the activities that can provide the greatest benefits and facilitate faster change.

Further, the right AWS migration partner can help you in implementing the AWS migration best practices to accelerate your cloud migration.

Top Attributes Desired of External Services Partners

A business that chooses the appropriate cloud services partner must account that the service integrator can assist with systems and new implementations, thus helping the business move forward.

  • Excellent track record of assisting many companies with cloud migration to AWS
  • Excellent cultural fit with your resources (people)
  • In-depth expertise to handle IT issues
  • Able to act as a ‘Catalyst’ between your IT department and business units
  • Have strong digital transformation skills
  • Can clearly show the RoI benefits for specific business objectives
  • Out-of-the-box ideator who can improve your business by leveraging IT
  • Has professional experiences that lead to IT services knowledge
  • Flexible on pricing
  • Has a good understanding of the industry and is very adaptable
  • Has a strong understanding of client business

Techwave: The right AWS migration partner

AWS is the most proven Cloud for running your applications, from the lift and shift migrations to broader upgrades. When you deploy Techwave to migrate your workloads to AWS, you’re leveraging the power of workload-specific infrastructure, guaranteeing that your end-users get the performance they expect while your vital data is secure.

Techwave and AWS provide various post-migration services to help you upgrade your apps and leverage new technologies like AI/ML to hone your competitive edge.

What are the advantages of choosing Techwave as your AWS migration partner?

Techwave has extensive expertise in AWS migration. The following are some of the advantages of transferring workloads to AWS with the help of Techwave:

  • Cost reductions due to workload migration to AWS
  • Benefits in terms of security and performance
  • Greater data availability and uptime
  • Benefits of optimum provisioning and incredible scalability
  • Quicker responsiveness to business opportunities and developments
  • Business transformation with AWS integration


Organizations throughout the world are migrating to AWS Cloud daily. As more businesses use modern technology systems, particularly ERP, proper migration methods will determine whether a business will succeed or fail.

A strong possibility for enterprise digital transformation success is reducing migration time and making it easier for the entire institution to adapt to the AWS platform.

To make the journey successful, choose the correct migration technique, understand the need for a strategic migration plan, test, and seek help from an expert AWS migration partner with an end-to-end software platform. Change management and training services are also essential for a seamless transition. And Techwave is the ultimate solutions provider to partner with for your AWS migration plans.