Techwave Autonetics Platform (TAP™)
Improve Your Accuracy And Achieve Significant Reduction In Time And Effort

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Intelligent Automation For Your Recurring Manual Processes Through TAP™ Bots

Techwave introduces a cost-effective, customizable, and portable solution for Process Automation, Techwave Autonetics Platform (TAP™). Automation of Business Processes using TAP™ reduces significant time and effort from hours to minutes/seconds, reduced human errors, and improves accuracy. TAP™ bot enables employees to perform high-end works reducing non-­value add jobs. TAP™ helps in the company’s growth by reducing cost, assisting several departments to work together, improving the output and efficiency accuracy in the long run, and aids in spiraling business acumen.

Open Email & Attachments & perform an action

Log In To Web/Enterprise Applications

Move Files and Folders As Per need

Perform Copy and Paste acitivities

Fill In Forms

Scraping Data from the Web

Connect to System API

Perform Complex Calculations

Extract Data from the Documents 

Collect Social Media Statistics

How TAP™ Works

  • User Interface for easy configuration and monitoring of automated process
  • Well built Asynchronous Parallel Processes and reporting feature for the processed data
  • Extendable Architecture pattern to integrate new business processes into the system

Features Offered by TAP™

Core Features:

  • Custom Login Features Available
  • Email Processing: Incoming and Outgoing emails, Read Email Contents, Save Attached files
  • Data Extraction: Read and Extract data from any format to a structured layout (applies to PDF, JPG, XML, JSON, etc.)
  • Data Conversion: Read and Convert Data from one format to another format (applies to PDF, HTML, TXT, JSON, ZIP, etc.)
  • Web Scraping and Crawling: Extracts data from any web sites (including several search pages) onto a document readable file
  • Data Validation: Data Reconciliation, Data Archival

Optional Features:

  • Web API: Used to connect an external application to TAP™ seamlessly
  • SAP and Sharepoint Add-On: To process SAP BAPI Function Calls and CRUD Operations for Sharepoint
  • EDI Add-On: To convert EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) formats to Data Table
  • Batch Processing: Large amounts of data and other transactions are read and processed based on a schedule
  • Integration Add-On: Calling SSIS jobs to perform backend data transformations

Business Benefits

Our Differentiators Compared To Market Tools

Competitive and Low Pricing Models

Subscription Based Pricing

Volume Based Pricing Based On Transactions and Support Provided

Call, Email and Chatbot Based Support

No Agent required for installation

End-End Process Automation

Success Stories

Product Price Search from Websites for a leading Manufacturer

Purchase Order Data Update for a leading Bank

Customer Data Maintenance for a leading Pharma

About Techwave

Techwave is a leading global IT and Engineering services and solutions company that helps clients worldwide scale their offerings by leveraging its Digital Transformation, Enterprise Application, and Engineering Services expertise. Founded in 2004, Techwave has 1,500 employees globally, across 11 countries, and serving 500+ customers.

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