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  • Perform planning and consolidation in one application
  • Reduce planning and consolidation cycles with timely data
  • Increase accuracy of plans, budgets, and forecasts with collaboration and accountability
  • Reduce risk with better preparation
  • Boost stakeholder’s confidence with accurate closing
  • Enable compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improve data quality with a central repository
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership

Excel Sheets Vs BPC


Annual budgets are the framework for both the income and expenditures expected to be received and paid each year. Preparing annual budgets can seem daunting due to the workload; however, with the SAP BPC reporting tool, it doesn’t have to be. Is your organization currently using Microsoft Excel or legacy on premise applications to create the annual budget? You could be at a disadvantage with these tools as they are not equipped to handle the demands of an agile organization, making forecasting difficult. Now is the time to move away from manual activities and makeshift performance management systems that only look at the historical perspective of the business.


Success Stories

EPM Roadmap Enablement

EPM Roadmap Enablement

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Financial Consolidation

Financial Consolidation

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Transition from Microsoft Excel

Transition from Microsoft Excel

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Is the SAP BPC reporting tool right for your business?

  • Do you dread preparing the annual budget because of the unavailability for a single tool?
  • Do you find preparing the annual budget time consuming?
  • Does your current application not provide an accurate view of your organization by the start of the fiscal year?
  • Are the tools you are currently using not equipped to handle the demands of your organization causing the process to be expensive?
  • Have you noticed forecasting is harder than it needs to be?
  • Does manual collaboration lead to a variance in results?

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With the presence and leadership in the EPM SAP BPC sector for over a decade, our SAP BPC consultants are successful in assisting our clients define a strategic EPM roadmap. It is imperative for each organization to adopt the current EPM framework to improve your end-to-end EPM system needs.

Techwave’s SAP BPC consultants understand the importance of your business needs and requirements. We provide viable options to achieve your business goals.

Maintenance and Support

Techwave’s on-demand services include a wide range of services to support. We are glad to provide maintenance and support when you need it and how you would like it to be.

  • General maintenance
  • Experienced support
  • Data loads monitoring
  • Data transformation
  • Maintenance of different servers for different landscapes
  • Performance issues

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