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A Single Platform to Integrate and Manage Your External Manufacturing

For many industries whose products, materials, and processes are spread across a global network of plants and partners, increasing complexity is the norm. The companies who make up these diverse industries must ensure that their products are produced to the correct specification, shipped on time and in many cases meet rigorous compliance regulations while at the same time operating at peak efficiency. To do this, you need real-time traceability of products and status as they move through the extended supply chain.

The SupplyVu™ collaboration solutions connects local, regional and global operations allowing for real-time visibility and optimization across the extended supply chain.

Information Management Stratagy

Why External Manufacturing Integration?

  • This integration platform connects your operations with your contract supply chain partners
  • This integration is built on a modern platform which interacts with any supply chain solution or ERP and can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud
  • Accepts a wide range of data inputs from external manufacturers through spreadsheets to real-time APIs
Data Platform Modernization

The SupplyVu™ Integration Hub for Contract and Toll Manufacturing

Optimizing Visibility and Enabling Actionable Insights

  • Collects, manages and monitors all toll and 3rd party subcontracting transactions
  • Real-Time tracking and monitoring of inventory at all stages of the supply chain
  • Automates routine manual activities, updates, and transactions
  • Complete visibility and reporting of inventory valuations
Data Platform Modernization
Packaged Solutions - Information Management Services

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The SupplyVu™ Solution

  • Accelerate analytics and reporting using SupplyVu™ Traceability Cloud Solution and Analytics  on AWS to converge the data infrastructure.
  • Identify Status, Availability and  Risks in real-time and provide reporting anytime anywhere.
  • Get a global view (internal and external) of performance in real time, across supply chain parties and across asset classes
  • Meet required information requirements at any moment, including Customer requirements
  • Build a flexible and unified data infrastructure, to be able to respond to Supply and Demand in alignment with  future regulations without major increase in cost
MDM and Data Governance

The SupplyVu™ Value Proposition

  • Rapid deployment: SupplyVu™ EMI in the Cloud can be deployed in a fraction of the time because it’s pre-validated and baseline-configured with library of integration options
  • Provide near-instantaneous back-up, recovery and cloning of your Techwave environment  regardless of size
  • Low-latency analytics: with Techwave Analytics with AI and Machine Learning, Stakeholders can perform deep dives into intra-day risk positions in real-time, that  standard analytical computing cannot do
  • Secure, Scalable, Sustainable leveraging AWS  Cloud environment which also provides ability to extend third party integration to various parties who support the overall supply chain process as well as provide deeper and richer data insights to customers for competitive advantage
Value Proposition