Private Cloud on Public Cloud

It took a while for people to adapt to apartment culture from the good old independent houses. Just because you are sharing the infrastructure space in a high raised multi-storied building doesn’t mean that you are losing your privacy and completely dependent on other factors. Like the way gated communities have larger amenities and facilities with extra safety and security, adopting to Cloud is also a wise decision to host your work-loads with extra safety, security and above all greater facilities like agile provisioning of servers, platforms, scalable resources and easy access from anywhere for users.

Public Cloud vs Private Cloud

While right sized families opt for right living space, right workloads should get into right cloud services offered by right cloud service providers (remember not all cloud providers offers the same type and model of services). Some CSPs have Bare Metals as their USP, some highlight their elastic models, some gives an advantage of having right platform and few focus on their fanatical support.

Early adoption of apartment culture gave some sleepless nights among neighbors’. Thanks to single-walled shared bed rooms with good voice over. Early cloud adopters have faced issues in the form of availability, data loss, data sharing etc., However with greater maturity in technology, process and ecosystem all the negatives have turned into positives. Like that of independent apartments with right sized spacing and convenience.

Going beyond the point, some of the infrastructure developers have come up with duplex model within the apartments giving a bit more in terms of being independent with all the above said facilities and features. Likewise some of the CSPs are giving the option of building your own cloud on the public cloud for greater control and the cut-above independence to play with your workloads at your convenience of resource utilization and security.

Technically, it starts by provisioning couple of bare metal servers, cluster them with a good hypervisor and keep on building your virtual server network with a good gateway appliance which would help in forming a virtual point to point tunnel in bringing your corporate intranet and the virtual LAN on the cloud together. Else, you can also opt for Virtual Private Cloud (vpc) offered by some of the CSPs. Getting into a gated community with a mix and match of apartment, semi-independent and row house concept.

Happy Clouding…