Put Road Accidents at Bay with IoT Solutions

If you have watched Mr. Bean’s Holiday, ‘sleepy driving chapter,’ must have tickled your ribs to the core. It depicts the way Bean would use matchsticks to prevent his eyelids roll down for a good nap while on the drive. Funny but thoughtful it is. Most of the accidents today are a result of drowsiness. Maybe if Mr. Bean would have known about Techwave’s Drowsiness Solution, he wouldn’t need to use the painful procedure to stay awake. Yes, many such path-breaking technologies Techwave has rolled out for the social cause as we believe that the purpose of business is not just to earn quick bucks but to transform the society and provide elite technologies for the immediate use of the businesses that would even become boon to low-level workers on the ground.

Falcon Tracker: If you are managing a fleet, you cannot give a slip to Falcon Tracker management, the magic wand in your hand! It helps you to track your vehicle in real-time and triggers automatic alerts to you in case of a vehicle breakdown. It’s a plug and plays software, all you need is to install it on Android or iOS and you are done.

Falcon Incognito: Are you fascinated by Techwave’s Falcon Tracker? However, worried about the restricted and sensitive areas that your trucks often zoom in and zoom out where GPS tracking or photography is strictly prohibited? Well, we have a customised solution for you. Falcon Incognito is all here that helps you roll on and roll off your GPS system. Designed to fit into the dashboard, Falcon Incognito provides all the functionalities of Falcon Tracker but comes with an additional feature to un-mount it as and when you require depending on your situation.

Falcon Blackbox: Wrapped in the fantasies to monitor your driver behaviour in real-time? Crave for a boon from the God? Push aside all those weird wishes as Techwave brings in Falcon Blackbox—a gateway to transforming your dreams. Be it the reckless driving or rash braking, get complete control of your driver behaviour and stay ahead of time.

Falcon Safe: Not all people are the same and if dishonest people join your workforce or if dishonest people ram into your truck and blames you, be prepared for the rip-off. Falcon Safe will enable the fleet operator to view the road ahead through a special camera lens, and the footage would be stored on the cloud for future purpose especially when you must deal with the accident cases.

Falcon Safe Zone: Falcon Safe Zone is an advanced version of Falcon Safe where the operator can view the road behind the truck apart from the road ahead, giving more control of direction and traffic. Also, it will be helpful in claiming insurances.

Falcon FuelTrack: Do you often end up shelling extra money towards fuel? Doubt your drivers and cleaners of fuel theft? Seal your apprehensions today by purchasing Techwave’s Falcon FuelTrack. Replaced with the regular fuel cap, Falcon FuelTrack tracks the excess fuel outflow, which usually happens in case of theft, and alerts the operator. This can be helpful even when there’s an accident perforation of the fuel tank, which could lead to a fatal accident.

Falcon Third Eye: Reports indicated that major accidents occur due to the negligence of the drivers and drowsiness. A few seconds of rest can take your truck into a deep gorge or turn turtle. How do you put an end to drowsiness issues? We at Techwave rolled out path breaking technology—Falcon Third Eye. The moment your driver feels drowsy, an alarm will ring until the driver is back to a normal state. Simultaneously, his face would be captured on a cam and the image would be sent across the fleet operator.

With the help of our best in class IoT solutions, challenge the road accidents and save the lives. For more information, please write to us at info@techwave.net.