Quality Measurement Framework

Importance of Metrics

Measurement has always been fundamental to the progress to any engineering discipline. Software metrics have been used in making quantitative/qualitative decisions as well as in risk assessment in software projects.

Software measurement has become a key aspect of good software engineering practice. Measurement activities add value and keep us actively involved in, and informed of, all phases of the development process. Measurement can help us to make specific characteristics of our processes and products more visible. Measurement encompasses quantitative evaluations that usually use metrics and measures, which can be used to directly determine attainment of numerical quality goals. Despite all these advancements and envisaged benefits, software measurement does not seem to have fully penetrated into industrial practices.

Techwave’s Quality Measurement Framework (QMF) provides data points to be captured to prepare structural quality metrics. This enables an organization to improve the software process, assist in planning, tracking and controlling the software project and assess the quality of the software thus produced. 


Most companies dedicated to develop software use metrics in a consistent way. Many companies have created their own standards of software measurement. So, the way that metrics are applied usually varies form one company to another. Nevertheless, as they are used in a consistent way through different projects, the software groups get many benefits from them.

What to measure in regards to software process or product depends on the nature of the project. But in all cases, the customer satisfaction is the goal and measures should be taken to achieve that goal not only at delivery, but through the entire development process. Types of Quality metrics needed for any organization depend upon the kind of methodology that organization follows. 


Techwave QMF tried to solve the problem by providing the exact phase/point of project life cycle to collect data for quality metrics and hence, coming up with structural metrics which enables the organization to improve software processes and planning.


  •  Measures the effectiveness of the key quality processes 
  • Provides quantitative insight into project quality

  • Provides inputs for making decisions

  • Provides inputs for process improvements