Reducing IT Complexity with Digitalization

When something is constantly changing, many complexities pop-up time and again. Same is the case with Information Technology where pitfalls often pose a threat to not just SMEs but even the giants. A couple of years ago, legacy IT systems were the only ones that we knew and then came the cloud concept followed by SaaS. Switching to SaaS was the initial complexity, and once that’s fixed, we have something else that makes things complex. While these complexities can’t be ignored, they can always be minimized. Read on to know more about reducing IT complexity with DX.

Good Governance: Planning and execution is always the best thing that works wonders not just in the IT industry but anywhere else. Efficient planning is a part of good governance. Apparently, many SMEs don’t have a perfect strategy and they kick-start their work even before proper planning and meetings. According to Gartner, companies that have had good governance reported low levels of IT complexity. When IT companies that lack good governance opt for managed IT services, things will be simplified.

Process Driven Architecture: New technologies and investments should be leveraged to avoid risks and complexities. It is always ideal to opt for a multi-model data platform that can support analytics, web, IoT, mobile etc. Just in case legacy DBMS is in use, it should be immediately replaced to unlock the benefits of digitization. Also, companies should streamline the process and eliminate the services that offer zero to minimal ROI.

Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is one stop solution to all the IT complexities. When organizations switch to public cloud especially, the third-party vendors will take the onus of software maintenance and updates, which will undoubtedly reduce the complexities of continuously monitoring your software or deploying additional workforce towards the same. Also, when it comes to compliance and regulations, which change from nation to nation, third party service providers can be of great help.

IT Simplification:  Any successful IT company that embraced digitization apparently has two things in common—simple and agile. Simplification involves some of the basic things such as removing the unwanted systems, workforce and policies that hinder the growth. These are a few things that will automatically be fixed when enterprises adopt digitization.

Conclusion: Digitization is the gilt-edged solution to all the complexities hovering and hampering the IT industry’s growth. In fact, a study conducted by Wipro on benefits of digitization, at least 27% CEOs have said that IT industry was benefitted by DX followed by operations. Given its capability to eliminate the complexities in of IT business, it’s the need of the hour for all companies to not embrace digitalization. Just in case you are considering it, Techwave can help you arrive at a possible solution that’s best fits your budget. Email us at