Driver-Based Planning & Forecasting Solution

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Techwave’s advanced end-to-end driver-based planning & forecasting solution enables our customers to focus on factors that make the most impact on their business. A driver-based planning is a systematic approach that identifies the impact of key business and value drivers on the outcomes. The solution essentially leverages patterns like past performance and seasonality to bridge the future as a baseline. With the baseline set and key business driver identified, the solution can assess cause and effect with what-if analysis which would provide businesses with the necessary tactical and strategic decision-making insights.

Our Driver Based Planning solutions let you run multiple simulations and help reliably predict future business outcomes and adequately preparing for dynamic market conditions.


Historically, FP&A have overseen the development of key strategic and financial plans, primarily through the lends high level budget numbers. Over time, businesses across the world felt the need to revaluate this dependence on a narrow, and unreliable financial view of how the business is to operate. Traditionally, budgets used to be prepared on an arbitrary assumption. This was a very time-consuming activity with disintegrated and scattered processes. It also used to be more directional and often inaccurate as it lacked visibility at a detailed level. Hence, the essential link between strategy and organizational goals were lost in translation as the planning process was so cumbersome.

With the future becoming as elusive as ever, the FP&A game needed a radical reimagination. This necessitated a mechanism to achieve high-speed decision making and eschew from the ‘one future’ school of thought but to embrace planning in uncertain times with the idea of ‘multiple futures’. Organizations must accept the concept of multiple futures, driven by an ever-changing business environment. In other words, simulating diverse market conditions and equipping yourself to be able to predict performance in each situation.

Techwave’s driver-based planning & reporting solution encompasses a comprehensive and holistic structure that enables detailed Planning and Budgeting Solutions to provide long- term, mid-term and short-term planning requirements of organizations, Tops Down and Bottoms up views to cover strategy and granularity, integrated solutions for an efficient end to end planning process and intuitive self-service models for ease in usage.

Functionally covers financial modelling associated with all the planning areas including:

  • Revenue planning
  • Demand planning
  • Capital & projects planning
  • Operational expenses planning
  • Balance sheet and Cash Flow Planning
  • Integrated Profit and Loss Planning

Techwave has successfully deployed Planning solutions on diverse planning platforms including SAP Analytics Cloud Platform

This solution has been deployed with advanced features like Value Driver Tree, Distribution, allocation, and other complex data actions to contextualize business intelligence and aid high-speed decision making. Through Techwave’s driver-based planning & forecasting accelerators, customers can perform top-down, bottom-up planning and rolling forecasts with ease.

Techwave also facilitates the integration of diverse source systems for revenue & HR related planning needs. Our driver-based planning solution also supports detailed HR Planning at employee level while tackling multiple complexities with respect to increments, employee types, annual leaves etc. by integrating with multiple source systems like Success Factors and HANA DB.

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Benefits of Techwave’s Driver-Based Planning & Forecasting Solution

Derive critical insights to shape winning plans

Through Techwave’s comprehensive analysis, understand the main business drivers behind your core KPIs, such as revenue, churn, and productivity to drive game-changing business visibility.

Predict the future

Techwave’s end-to-end planning solution comprises of the long-term projections, short term projections and forecasts. On the basis of historical data, decision makers create certain long-term projections that serve as a means of key strategic direction for the business. periodically track the performance of the organization against the set projections.

Tracking and Monitoring

After the creation of such projections, it’s important to periodically track the progress of the plan by measuring the current performance of the organization against its projections on a regular basis. Based on the variance insights, organizations can dynamically revise plans and stay aligned towards their long-term plan. Techwave has built specialized data models that can be seamlessly integrated with live connectivity to systems like SAP S/4 HANA, SAP BW, and other sources.

Multidimensional modelling

To analyse data by different business classes, products, territories, customer segments and so on, requires a sophisticated multidimensional data modelling. These models facilitate the calculation of profit from multiple business perspectives, support cost allocation and allow for the development and automation of drivers to be drilled down to great detail.

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Transforming Taronga Conservation Society’s financial planning, and analysis processes

Driver- Based Planning & Forecasting Solution

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