SAP BPC: What You Need to Know About it and its Evolution

SAP has brought numerous and wonderful benefits to businesses that are growing and trying to upkeep their company. The SAP BPC tool is used to support all operational and financial activities in an organization that centers on four core pillars: planning, forecasting, strategy, and consolidation. Here is an SAP BPC overview:

SAP BPC Business Basics

When it comes to planning, SAP BPC will help the user come up with efficient plans for the company’s next business cycles. BPC is also helpful with prediction. It will create “what if” scenarios so that the company is prepared for any type of possible outcomes.

Forecasting prevents disasters, or in the very least gives us a heads up to be prepared for any damage control. The user will be able to create a strategy through SAP BPC thus making its business stronger and more solid.

One of the best ways in which SAP BPC software aids a company is by allowing the company to use real-time analytics more purposefully. This has become increasingly necessary as technologies and new markets have made their presence prominent in the business world.

SAP BPC architecture must be properly aligned with the business’s cloud and IT infrastructure so that it can help users examine how they can keep a competitive edge.

The program will detect any inefficiencies that could be present and will detect them better than any human could. Planning is always a smart move, especially when it comes to business.

SAP Measured by Numbers

Over the years it has evolved into more than just a software tool, it is an extension of every company that partners with SAP. If you blink, you’ll miss SAP’s supersonic speed evolution.  SAP has been able to acquire 378,000 customers in its total run of 46 years.

Dating back to 1998, the functionality and usability of the transactions were poor and planning in 99% of instances were performed in MS Excel. Then came SAP with a tool set that would include planning as a capability thus creating SAP BPC version 7 after acquiring Outlooksoft.

Traditionally, SAP BPC came in two versions: SAP BPC for the Microsoft platform and SAP BPC for NetWeaver. With the release of SAP BPC 10.1, two product variations were introduced in the SAP NetWeaver version, namely: Standard and Embedded.