SAP Hybris Continues to Reinvent Itself to Become the Ideal Marketing Cloud

If you thought SAP Hybris was created to remain the same, you don’t know SAP’s core values and focus on innovation. Constantly trying to one-up itself, SAP added Abakus to its repertoire to provide the best omnichannel experience possible.

A Critical Acquisition

Abakus is a cloud-based solution for cross-channel marketing measurement and optimization that integrates marketing and customer data, organizes it, measures incremental value and optimizes performance to enable marketers to more efficiently acquire customers and effectively retain them, and to increase marketing ROI through closed-loop integration with their execution platforms.

This duo which united in 2017, will enhance the marketing approach that includes customer profiling, responsive journey management to heighten performance and understand customer interactions across different channels better for overall improved marketing efficiency.

Hybris already does an excellent job in helping marketers customer analysis, to understand what they want, when they want it, and how fast they want to get it. Abakus provides integrated predictive analytics that produce insightful data and new marketing options. It’s all to deliver the best customer experience as businesses want to know just how much marketing helps draw in the customer base.

Marketing is Moving to the Cloud

Marketers are moving to a reliance on data rather than models that are not equipped with any real value or information. Real-time is important when it comes to analyzing the ways in which the customer engages with e-commerce. It’s not just about the purchase, it’s also about the factors before the purchase decision is made and the aftermath such as rate of satisfaction and the probability of return.