RPA in action: Freight Management

How Techwave saved our client 11% on their yearly Freight Invoices

Freight management services at Techwave utilize the latest in automation technology. Years of experience in digital innovation and being one of the top IT service providers make us uniquely suited to be a top subject matter expert on Freight Innovation using the power of RPA.

Our strategies and technology are carefully positioned to reduce lengthy procedures, saving time and maximizing earnings. Our dedicated team of specialists are ready to partner with you and create a strategy and solution plan customized for your unique needs and sets you up for success.


Operational Efficiency

  • Continual Work Hours
  • Increased Productivity
  • Accurate and Reliable Data
  • Data Logging and Integration

Business Agility

  • Digital and Insightful Processes
  • Automation of Periodic Tasks
  • Rapid Responsiveness
  • Restructures Workforce to Increase Efficiency

Deeper Insights

  • Enhanced Connectivity
  • Diverse Data Sets
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Enabled Analytics
  • Enhanced Reporting and Metrics

How Techwave Does RPA

RPA Case Studies

Engine And Power Generator Manufacturers Improved input quality of invoices from 42% to 88% accuracy

Largest Distributor Of Unified Communications Stabilized and standardized the process with proactive reporting

Financial Services Company now has 90% of debits match automatically