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Cloud Managed Services

At Techwave, we create a value chain of engagement governance by combining the highly skilled global work force, tools and processes of best industry practices, adaptable service model which scales with new services and technologies adopted by the client, negotiated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) upfront, efficiencies gained through automation and process improvement and a business model optimized to economies of scale to ensure cost savings.

Techwave cloud engagement governance involves formation of a core dedicated team to handle complete execution and client relationship. They ensure portfolio management, knowledge management, IMS infrastructure set up, process and quality. The Infrastructure management services is completed then with a business and technology orientation.

IMS Foundational Framework

With a weekly review of data center and application managers, quality issues are tracked and resolved on a timely basis. The metrics are measured and delivered in co-ordination with delivery team to match the business operational needs. Change Management is implemented and reviewed by both customer and Techwave. With a strategic review of performance, program and objectives realignment by the senior management every quarter, continuous improvement and innovation is achieved.

Governance is Key

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