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On a shared platform, leaders and citizens are building the digital future together. All of this is happening now, and digital infrastructure and technologies are converging to form a new ecosystem.

Techwave is a Global leader in Engineering Field & Design Services, Network Operations & Data Transformation. Techwave’s global expertise and experience in Engineering Design services support and facilitate various delivery methods, which will create a greater value for your business. Our specialized services can considerably speed up new tool launchings and maximize gains across multiple projects. Our objectives align with your business needs, and our one-stop-shop approach focuses on cost-effective services and customer satisfaction at every level.

Our Robust processes, together with industry standards ITIL, ISO27001, CMMi, and ISO9001, ensure better cost efficiency and accelerated market delivery.

 We aim to:

  • Risk Reduction and Productivity Enhancement
  • Align Engineering Services with IT
  • Lower the total cost of ownership (TCO)

Service Offerings


Techwave uses the most cutting-edge technologies available, focusing on field data collection for any project type. Techwave’s field services include but are not limited to –

  • Site & Pole surveys & audits
  • Installation & commissioning
  • In-building solution deployment
  • Acceptance testing
  • RF benchmarking
  • Drive test & optimization
  • Splicing and testing


Techwave has extensive technical expertise to provide custom GIS solutions across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Our teams, backed by their extensive experience, define the right technology-based solution to develop new GIS applications, convert/migrate legacy GIS applications, or upgrade existing GIS applications. Our technology expertise includes multiple development programming interfaces. We provide GIS Integration as a service that provides for – Integration of geographical data with current database • Geodatabase design, structure, and development


Engineering design is a process. It involves tools and ways of thinking that people can use in almost any situation. Techwave’s plan & design engineering services are problem-solving backed by a thorough evaluation and include –

  • Desktop
  • Field & LiDAR Survey
  • Plan and Design
  • SFU
  • MDU/ MTU
  • BAU engineering
  • Pole audits
  • Permitting & Make-ready
  • ISP design services
  • Field Engineering & Minor Construction
  • Network Installation and Commissioning
  • Database of Records services
  • As-built engineering
  • Network decommissioning services
  • Network operations management
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • GIS services
  • Site Acquisition – Infrastructure Engineering Designs (SAED)
  • A&E services
  • RF engineering services
  • RF planning- Macro cell sites 4G/5G
  • IBS/Wi-Fi/small cell site
  • SMR (site make ready)
  • Drive test and optimization
  • Commissioning & Integration services
  • Site Acceptance Test
  • Network Optimization and Instant Reporting
  • 4G/5G Site Commissioning /validation and Automation Services
  • All Database / SMR and SAED / as-built updates
  • Benchmark Testing
  • Performance Management
  • Data Alignment (DAC)


Techwave’s Network Inventory Management services help network administrators/businesses to have a physical record of all IT and network equipment within the organization through IT asset tracking that scans, compiles and records data about each device/node over a network.

Our Network Inventory Management services include:

  • Network inventory clean-up
  • Network inventory migration
  • Network inventory integration
  • Network inventory quality management
  • Network inventory feasibility
  • Network analytics. CoE based support for – Collate & Integrate Asset Data
  • Asset Maintenance & Management
  • Maintaining Asset Data Quality.
  • Benefits include – Improves Operational Performance
  • Simplify Back-office Processes
  • Ease in Capacity
  • Planning
  • Network Size Estimation
  • Streamlined Network Engineering


We understand how spatial data science helps uncover hidden patterns and use the latest data engineering methods and visualization tools to prepare spatial analysis data. Our hands-on experience in suitability analysis, predictive modeling, space-time pattern mining, and object detection helps clients get valuable insights on –

  • Spatial Data Analysis
  • Network Data Analysis


Lidar — Light Detection and Ranging — is a remote sensing method used to examine Earth’s surface. Techwave’s Lidar services utilize the latest in mobile mapping & spatial imaging technologies to reduce cost, increase accuracy, reduce work order cycle times, and increase capacity with existing resources.

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