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Making Devices Intelligent

According to Statista, there will be 28.4 billion IoT Devices in 2018.

In the present IT Scenario, IoT or internet of things is a key driver for accelerating the trend of connected “smart” machines, devices, services, products, wireless networks, and much more. The ecosystem of IoT, includes “intelligent” meters & appliances, connected cars, and wearables which are generating an unparalleled volume of data revolving the various dimensions of consumer & enterprise worlds.

Techwave’s IoT solutions provide platform and end-to-end product solutions for building secure and scalable M2M / IoT solutions with quick time to market. Be it industrial controls, high-end machines, heavy equipment, HVAC controls, vehicles, smart meters, or even home appliances, Techwave has delivered M2M solutions by taking responsibility for hardware design, embedded development, cloud connectivity, and smartphone accessibility!

Our Capabilities

Smart Lighting

Reduce electricity bills by remotely managing the lights on the go with our Smart Lighting Solution. Useful for industrial, commercial, and home lighting.

Smart Metering

Minimize losses, operational expenditure, and optimize energy consumption with our Smart Metering Solution.

Diesel Generator Monitoring

Minimize Operational cost and increase the efficiency of your Diesel generators with our on the go Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution.

Mobile Asset Management

Techwave IoT offers a centralized platform to monitor and control your asset with functionalities like, geo-fencing, real-time tracking, and connectivity with smartphones.

Smart City

Deployed in more than 19 countries our Smart city solutions include vehicle tracking, smart metering, smart lighting, medical wearables, amongst others.

Our Technical Expertise

Hardware Design Services

Techwave has 50+ hardware boards designed for ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM/GPRS, video, audio in the arena of smart meters, lighting, M2M, telematics, remote monitoring, medical electronics, and others!

BSP/Firmware Design Services

Techwave has developed high-performance OS, firmware, and RTOS with optimized memory footprints.

Embedded Application Design Services

Techwave IoT has built real-time applications with robust algorithms and guaranteed QoS.

Mobile Application Development

Techwave IoT has implemented various desktop, web, and mobile applications considering scalability, business models, and end user touch points.

Industry Focus

Renewable Energy


Financial Services and Banking

Process Industry

Life Sciences


Travel and Logistics

Engineering and Constructions

Plant Equipment

Success Stories

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