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With most organizations now several years into their digital transformation journeys, many are looking to measure progress, gauge maturity, benchmark against peers in their industry, and bridge the maturity level gap.

But before you become digitally different from within and from others, you need to understand where you are? Where do you start? Where do you focus your efforts? And as your firm matures, how do you know you are on the right track? We call it digital maturity.

One of the things holding the organizations back from broader digital transformation progress is the lack of a clear, industry-oriented roadmap. The Digital Capability Assessment Framework is a useful tool to provide a clear path throughout the transformation journey. We can help you assess your existing capabilities and guide you in your digital transformation.


DIGITAL VALUE MAP  helps businesses plot their organizational maturity, offers comparative benchmarks, and guides their actions to elevate digital capabilities.


One can define digital transformation roadmap

Stage 1- Identify current state

  • Access the current state operating model
  • Define the maturity levels of the current digital capabilities

Stage 2 – To design future state

  • Set the maturity level of the future digital capabilities
  • Design the future operating model

Stage 3 – Develop a roadmap

  • Identify gaps and improvement opportunities
  • Develop initiatives and business cases
  • Develop a roadmap


The digital capabilities of an organization can be benchmarked against the best practices in 3 ways.

Calibrate available capabilities and technology blocks in current enterprise digital landscape

Benchmark current digital practices against leading practices for established digital transformation with maturity indicators.

Design future state, identify technology goals to achieve to be a differentiator.

One can assess the digital capabilities model's capability to be accessed in terms of its maturity level. A maturity level of the capability is calculated by combining the maturity levels of the powers that belong to constituent building blocks.

The maturity levels' assessment results can establish a digital strategy and plans to improve an organization's overall levels of digital capabilities.