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SMART REFRESH – Changing the way of generating BPC reports

Smart refresh was designed and created in-house to make the reporting process efficient. Imagine walking into work and having  reports ready instead of spending hours on refreshing packages. Use time effectively for business decisions and let Smart Refresh work on the reports.

An exclusive  Techwave tool designed to …


refresh on-demand or schedule as needed


refresh reports and input forms ahead of time

Provide better User Experience

bring efficiency and user experience for quick access to data on the reports and input forms

SMART REFRESH –  features in a glance

Click Refresh

Flexibility to refresh multiple BPC forms and reports with 1-click


Scheduling capability to setup day and time as needed by the user. No need to refresh manually

Faster Access

Faster access to data as there is no need to repeatedly refresh BPC Input forms every time user tries to access their data


Provides flexibility to setup and display key KPIs on a customizable dashboard

Watch our tool in action.