We have just seen 16 summers, but our unshaken zeal and commitment to deliver the best to the customers has put the company in the spotlight and way ahead of other competitors.

Partnerships have played a key role in our obsession to deliver top-notch, cost-effective services with quality since our inception. Be it our tie-up with IBM to offer blockchain solutions, or our partnerships with Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP to provide end-to-end cloud solutions, we enable clients to maximize their potential. We achieve a greater market with a wide array of technology services. The services include but are not limited to Robotic Process Automation, Enterprise Resource Planning, Application Development, Analytics, Digital, and the Internet of Things.


Recently, we announced a partnership with Automation Anywhere, the global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Techwave has set up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for RPA to provide best-of-class implementation services and in-depth technical support on Automation Anywhere’s Enterprise RPA. The CoE will offer benefits of RPA to customers across several functions, helping them improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

The CoE will work parallelly with several Functions (HR, Finance, Admin, Sales, Marketing, etc.) and Business Units (Digital, Cloud, SAP, IoT, Analytics, etc.) across different regions (NA, Europe, ANZ, APAC, MEA) to identify business opportunities and to grow further.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a significant differentiator for leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations looking to retain, acquire, and grow customers and increase profitably. Enhanced value propositions and improved service level agreements (SLA) are some of the benefits derived from employing a Digital Workforce.


Organization Readiness

  • Change Management
  • Transition workforce to higher-value activities
  • Increased accuracy and reliability of data

Process Selection

  • Focus on repetitive stable processes
  • Data volume is the high and inconsistent format
  • Business rules are consistently applied with minimal exception

Digital Continuum

  • Process-driven design approach
  • Avoid over-automation
  • RPA+AI/ML tools = Increased business value

Operations & Governance

  • Scalable technical architecture
  • RPA COE to manage change
  • Regulatory compliant


Hyperautomation is the future of RPA. Gartner has named it as one of the top 10 strategic technology trends in 2020 – 2021. Gartner’s definition states: “Hyperautomation deals with the application of advanced technologies including AI and Machine Learning to automate processes and augment humans increasingly.” This means it is end-to-end automation accomplished by harnessing the power of multiple technologies and tools (integrated to RPA), from RPA to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), where automation is applied to undocumented processes that rely on unstructured data inputs.

It is to be understood that Hyperautomation as an “unavoidable market state,” and businesses must rapidly automate “all possible business processes” to remain competitive in the market.

The focus will now be on:

a) Automation Scope Changes – Shift from Simple Rules to Dynamic and Complex Rules (a bit of intelligence)

b) Need for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

c) Implementation of Agile Best Practices and Methods

d) Cross-Functional Workforce Initiatives and Deployment

With the company’s wide range of capabilities across digital transformation and in-depth domain knowledge, Techwave will provide unparalleled value to customers looking at automating business processes. By rapidly scaling its capabilities in Automation Anywhere, Techwave is all set to help enterprises embrace RPA and ramp-up their existing business processes.