The Role of AI in Telco Back Office Operations

The next few years promises to bring a lot of exciting challenges for telecommunication companies. Consumers have more devices connected to networks than ever before. There’s also the rise of IoT technology and demands for better customer experiences. All these things mean telecoms must be willing to innovate and reshape their standard practices if they’re going to evolve with the needs of the marketplace.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The easiest way to explain artificial intelligence is that it’s designed to mimic how humans operate. It’s not just about manual processes like keying data or automating the start-up of various applications in the office.

AI is a technology capable of learning how to interact with the world. Ideally, it can adapt to different stimuli and provide appropriate responses to different inputs. The optimal AI solutions can adjust to the information presented to them and come up with resolutions to various problems with minimal human interference.  

The Key Role of AI in Telco Operations

AI-driven solutions help telecom operators deliver the customer experience expected by consumers. AI helps telcos maintain their infrastructure by assisting them in building technology like self-optimizing networks (SON). Operators can automatically optimize the quality of their networks remotely by analyzing the region, time zone, and network traffic in the area.

Predictive analytics is another way telcos can leverage AI technology. Artificial intelligence utilizes various algorithms and machine learning applications to predict future outcomes. That helps telecom providers with tasks like evaluating the state of equipment in real-time, resolve issues with their communications hardware, and even reach out to fix problems customers might be having with their television set-boxes.  

Other Common Uses of AI in Telco Operations

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Virtual assistance in customer service centers
  • Applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to handle high volumes of routine business transactions
  • Capacity planning
  • Maximizing the capability of 5G networks
  • Collect insights into customer needs

How Techwave Engineering Services Can Help

Organizations must have an AI strategy in place company-wide to get the fullest benefits from the technology. It can help to have a partner experienced in implementing and executing next-generation technology in place to assist your company in this effort.

Techwave Engineering Services has proven success in providing business, technical, and educational support to telecoms looking to revolutionize their current network and IT platform. Our team can deliver AI solutions that help in network management, operations, and data analytics.Reach out to us today if you’re interested in optimizing AI solutions in your company’s telecom operations.